Valentine's Day Printables for the Classroom

Posted by Big Universe on Feb 13, 2011 8:59:51 PM

It’s been decades since I decorated a shoebox for Valentine’s Day. All you needed was some shiny paper, a box, scissors to cut construction paper hearts and some paste to make things stick. Of course you couldn’t forget to cut a hole in the lid. If you were an optimist you cut a mailbox slot wide enough to receive a heart-shaped lollipop or a small box of chalk-flavored candy conversation hearts…and maybe, just maybe, a chocolate heart.

Years have flown by since those elementary school days, and somehow the holiday has fallen by the wayside. As I’ve gotten older I’ve tried to sidestep blatant commercialism of holidays, but I think Cupid had me in the crosshairs of his bow this year. If I’d been paying closer attention, I probably would have heard the “Twang!” as he released his arrow.

Several valentines arrived in the mail. I got invited to a Valentine’s Day luncheon out of the blue. An extraordinary bouquet of brilliant pink carnations caught my eye at the grocery store, and soon it and two heart-adorned tea towels landed in my cart – along with some chocolate strawberry truffles. A few days later I heard the legend of Valentinus read by a librarian with a knack for storytelling.

Joy bubbled to the surface. Heart-shaped memories woke up. The kid in me responded.

Rose-colored glasses? Perhaps. But, wearing them is a lot more fun than being cynical and jaded and grumpy about gray February skies.

Valentine’s Day can be really fun if you let it be. And, it’s not too late to share time with the little ones in your life, read a book, send a note, give a hug, eat some chocolate, and tell someone you really love them.

Valentine’s Day Printables

I adore the printables for kids at the Super Teacher Worksheets website, so they get my Valentine’s Day vote of approval.

Activity Village has several cute activities too, including card and stationery templates to practice writing. also has some good Valentine’s Day games and party ideas. Take a look.

And, don't forget's Author Tool, which is the perfect vehicle for writing your own Valentine's Day story. Use the website’s “Write” tab and click on the “Create and Publish Books!” box. To illustrate your text, simply go to the "Occasions" category in the clipart library and select "Holidays," "Celebrations" or "Valentines."

XOXO, Suzan

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