Let's Celebrate Poetry!

Posted by Big Universe on Mar 23, 2011 2:59:37 AM

According to the Crayola.com Calendar, April is Poetry Month! From the Crayola.com Calendar page, you can find coloring pages, crafts, and lesson plans to use to Celebrate Poetry. On Big Universe, you can find books to use to Celebrate Poetry!

In the classroom, I enjoyed sharing poems and poets with students that were not very familiar to them. One year, we had a Poetry Party. Everybody had to find a poem to share. Those 4th graders thought the sillier the poem, the better it was ( I know that a poem doesn't have to be silly but if that was what got them interested in poetry ...).

We moved the desks and put our chairs in a big circle so we could all see each other. Everybody in the circle shared a poem. Towards the end of our Poetry Party, I heard students asking each other where they found the poem they shared. Just by listening to others share, students became interested in discovering other types of poems and various poets.

One year, I had students pick a poem or poet they liked and try to compose poetry imitating the features they enjoyed. We were connecting reading poetry and writing poetry to Celebrate Poetry.

Here are a few of the Poetry Books I found on Big Universe that you can use to Celebrate Poetry (if you do an advanced search, you can search for poetry and even pick the reading level, grade level, interest age to find more specific resources):

So ... go Celebrate Poetry! And you know what ... you don't have to only Celebrate Poetry in April ... you can do it all year long!

image from: Atkins, Sue. inspiration.jpg. May 30, 2004. Pics4Learning.

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