Mountains and Valleys and Plateaus...Oh My!

Posted by Big Universe on Nov 6, 2011 11:47:21 AM

In the coming week, my students will be learning all about the landforms that exist on our planet. Making this type of learning become more visual, I again turned to my trusted account for help! I began by searching for books using the keyword, "landforms," and was pleased to find many interesting books that I could assign to students and use in a whole class lesson on my interactive white board.

After looking at many of the titles listed below, I realized that not only are these books recent publication, but many of them can be found at my local library. However, rather than having only one or two copies of the book for my entire class, I now have a copy for every student by using Big Universe Learning. Additionally, these titles can be accessed at home for students who are absent (which tends to happen around cold and flu season!), students who need information front loaded, or students who wish to do independent study projects outside of school.

Suggested Titles on Big Universe Learning- Landforms

Looking at Landforms by Ellen Mitten (This title can also be found in Spanish on Big Universe Learning to support ELL students.)

Investigating Landforms by Lynn Van Gorp

Mountains by Emily K. Green

Rivers by Emily K. Green

In addition to visiting to search for books, I also visit a site to find activities and lessons that I can do with my students on the interactive white board. My favorite site to visit (which happens almost daily now!) is SMART Exchange. This is a site which holds Lessons and Activities for nearly any subject or content area. The great part about these resources is that they are mainly created by teachers who are currently in the classroom. When I'm teaching a concept, I search by keyword, and find amazing resources. After previewing the activity, I can download it onto my computer to use at a later time. I can use the activity in its original form, or I also have the ability to modify the activity to meet my instructional needs. Using this resource has saved time trying to create new interactive lessons from scratch. Additionally, most of the postings are visually stimulating and offer interactive activities/ games to be used by the class.

Note: SMART Exchangerequires a teacher to set up a FREE account in order to access these amazing resources.

To begin this unit on Landforms, I also send an email to all of my parents with links to YouTube videos about Landforms. This is a great way to inform parents regarding the content their child will be learning in the coming days. For this unit, I plan to send my parents the following link:

Landforms- Educational Songs By The Obies




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