A Variety of Texts

Posted by Big Universe on Nov 9, 2011 12:18:01 AM

Reading has been on the top of my priorities recently; more so than in the past. I've been weeding through my classroom library, talking more about books to my students, encouraging good reading habits at home, providing time for them to read in class and on Big Universe and overall, making sure that reading is at the forefront of my classroom.

Just a couple of days ago, there was a #4thchat Twitter chat centered around struggling readers. During that time, Mike McQueen of www.readingontherun.com tweeted to me stating, "Many Struggling Readers prefer nonfiction but are smothered in fiction daily." That got me thinking about my own students. Do I provide enough balance in my classroom between fiction and non-fiction? Do I provide a variety of genres and texts for my students to read?

I know of one of my students whose parents came to me concerned that he was only reading non-fiction texts. My reply was, "If he is reading on his own and enjoying it, let him. We will be introducing him to a variety of texts in the classroom as well."

Students come to us with their own interests and their own talents. Our job is to constantly challenge them with what they know and love and push them to experience new things. This is very true with reading. Whether we are using traditional texts: books, magazines, articles, storybooks, or online resources: online articles, searched information, the ebooks on Big Universe or a mixture of the two, our goal should be to get students interested in and reading a variety of texts.

How do you make sure your students are reading a variety of texts?


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