Sharing Thanksgiving Through Writing

Posted by Big Universe on Nov 13, 2011 7:42:08 AM

This time of year is full of gatherings with family and friends. These personal experiences can serve as a strong starting point for student writing and reflection. Calling upon students to engage their five senses during the holiday time can also provide descriptive details in writing, conversations about word choice and creativity!

Thanksgiving Writing Activities:

  • Adjectives: Teaching students how to identify and apply adjectives in writing can make their writing more formal and interesting. Encourage students to use their five senses when identifying adjectives that would describe their holiday experiences.
  • Synonyms: Students will have different levels of vocabulary, yet all students should be exposed to higher level word choice. When students are identifying adjectives to describe their holiday, teachers can also encourage students to identify synonyms for these words that are "fancy" or "mature." (My students often equate this to "sounding like a teenager!")
  • Thanksgiving Mad Libs: My students really enjoy creating humorous stories, and funny Thanksgiving stories that require them to choose various parts of speech are no exception.
  • Personal Narrative Writing: Students can reflect upon their holiday experience in writing, while also using transitional words and phrases in their writing. This holiday makes it easy for students to experience and use transitional phrases/ words in their writing since there are many "events" during the day. Some choose to write only about the preparation of the holiday meal, while others choose to include the full day's events in their writing.
  • Math Thanksgiving Story Problems: My students really enjoy working on story problems which have extra or missing information. They also enjoy writing their own story problems to share with their friends. We are currently working on identifying key words in the question to determine which operation to use when solving.
  • Lastly, I enjoy asking each student to write a few sentences to describe what they are thankful for this holiday season. Using Quick Time Player, I plan to record each child reading their writing using the "New Screen Recording" feature. This makes for a great email attachment to parents too!
This year, I hope everyone finds enjoyment during the holiday season! May all students use their personal experiences around the holiday to grow academically. I feel encouraged and inspired this holiday season, and I hope others do too!

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