Winter time is reading time!

Posted by Big Universe on Nov 27, 2011 3:50:29 PM

Now that the American Thanksgiving Holiday has passed, it is time to gear up for winter! And what better way to spend a snowy winter day than to curl up with a good book? Big Universe can help young readers get ready for winter, and help them understand how animals get ready, too!

Whistling Wings (Laura Goering and Laura Jacques, illus.) is the story of Marcel, a young tundra swan, who becomes tired during the winter migration, and hides out in the rushes. Other animals try to help him survive the winter, but things look bleak until mom and dad come back to rescue him. This book teaches about migration, the winter habits of other animals, and the importance of following directions!

Winter by Ann Herriges is a wonderful nonfiction introduction to the activities, weather, and animal adaptations that the cold weather brings

Christmas Eve Blizzard (Andrea Vlahakis, Emanuel Schongut, illus.) teaches about birds and the importance of charity in a charming story that takes place during the Christmas season. Readers will not only learn how to create a bird-friendly habitat and simple bird feeders, but will be introduced to cardinal numbers in the appendix.

After reading these selections, students may be challenged to write about changes that they see during the winter, and how the animals in their back yards adapt to the cold weather. They may write about family traditions or things that they look forward to doing during the snowy days.

As the weather in the North turns colder and more time is spent indoors, Big Universe offers many opportunities for reading, writing and learning about the fabulous winter weather!!

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