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Posted by Big Universe on Dec 4, 2011 11:56:23 AM

In the past couple of weeks, I have continuously used several books from the same publication company throughout my daily lessons. After realizing the common connection between all the books, I decided to feature Remedia Publications on this week's blog post to hopefully inspire others to take a look at the variety this publisher offers. More information about the types of books Remedia Publications offers can be found on Big Universe Learning.

"Remedia Publications specializes in reproducible books that focus on basic skills and repetition. We are a family-owned business that takes great pride in meeting the needs of our customers. The company has been in business for over 30 years serving the needs of special education, regular education, E.S.L (English as a second language), adult education, and inclusion students."- www.biguniverse.com

"Surpr!sing Facts"

Do you know a kid who LOVES to read about facts? Are you currently thinking of that kid in your class who can rattle off some of the most amazing facts about random topics? Well, I have a few of those kids in my class and recently I found a series of books on Big Universe Learning that would suit them well!"

The series, Surpr!sing Facts contains several books that have scientific facts about a topic that are written for elementary age students. The illustrations are visually appealing, and the book reads more like a story than a list of facts. The information is clearly explained, and topic specific vocabulary is addressed at the beginning of the text. Additionally, each book comes with discussion questions at the end to help support and monitor comprehension.

"Fibs, Fables and Lies"

A few weeks ago, my blog topic was about the current lessons I was planning for my unit on Fables. While my students were experiencing fables that week, many came across the series called "Fibs, Fables and Lies" and really enjoyed reading the stories. Again, the illustrations in this series are what caught most of my students' attention, and immediately hooked them into reading the stories. The vocabulary is at an appropriate level for even reluctant readers, and makes understanding the parts of a fable simple and interesting. This was one series in particular that a group of boys in my class really came to enjoy and share with others!

Many of the books I viewed by this publisher could be used for students who struggle with reading since the text is not too difficult, but the illustrations and content are highly engaging. After showing my students how to search by publisher on Big Universe, many of them now use this feature to find other interesting books that were published by the same company.

Thanks Big Universe for choosing highly engaging and thoughtful publishers like, Remedia Publications when selecting books for my students to read on your site!

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