21 Challenging Ways to Respond to a Good Book

Posted by Big Universe on Dec 6, 2011 2:55:05 PM


1. Create super powers for characters and rewrite your least favorite scene(s) using these powers.

2. Choose a character to create a descriptive “Wanted Ad”.

3. Create a department store ad using items from the book. You could also create book-related action figures to market and “sell”.

4. Choose a conversation scene to write what the characters may have written if exchanging emails and/or texts.

5. Choose your favorite scene(s) to create a play.

6. Create a “commercial” using persuasive advertisement techniques (bandwagon, repeated words, jingles & slogans, etc.).

7. Create a map by tracking the setting(s) throughout the book.

8. Rewrite the story in a different genre such as poetry.

9. Create a list of your favorite character quotes from the book.

10. Rewrite the story choosing a different setting, climax, character(s), problem, and/or solution.

11. Create comic strip scenes based upon the book.

12. Choose a character from the book to create a mock interview.

13. Use details from the book to create a song.

14. Create a crossword puzzle using vocabulary words from the book.

15. Use details from the book to create a Jeopardy game.

16. Use details from the book to create a test or quiz for a classmate.

17. Create letter tiles to play Scrabble. Only use vocabulary from the book.

18. Create a collage or illustration quilt based on the book.

19. Use details from the book to create “Top 10" lists.

20. Use details from the book to create a “product”.

21. Create Charades cards to act-out literary elements from the book.

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