Absent Students? Problem Solved!

Posted by Big Universe on Dec 13, 2011 12:08:49 PM

Big Universe Learning came to my rescue this week when I found myself feeling ill and unable to make it to school. I have great colleagues who supported my effort in preparing for a substitute teacher, however I didn't want to place extra burden on their daily tasks by asking them to gather materials for the day. When preparing my sub plans, I once again found that Big Universe Learning came to my rescue!

Currently, my students are working on concepts ranging from fairy tales to government. Rather than having to drive to school and collect books for these concepts, I was able to assign these books to my students and place them on my own personal bookshelf on www.biguniverse.com. Then, I created my lesson plans using these online resources, and provided my substitute teacher information to access the site. I could then e-mail my plans to a colleague who only had to gather a limited amount of resources for other subjects. Driving to school to create and prepare sub plans was the last thing I wanted to do considering how ill I was feeling, and Big Universe saved my day!

Not only do teachers tend to get sick during this time of year, but without fail, many students miss days of school as well. Some students may also miss extended days of school for an illness or vacation, which makes it difficult to send home every activity so that they can keep up with the rest of the class. Many times, activities need to be completed in class because of materials, teacher support with directions or lack of ease in sending the activity home for completion. For these types of situations, I also rely on www.biguniverse.com for support.

I have assigned absent students titles to read, and then asked them to complete comprehension activities to accompany the book. Considering Big Universe Learning has a large variety of books to choose from, it is easy to find titles to support many different concepts we may be working on in class. Since students can access this site at home as well as school, the materials can be used in both locations without the worry of a student loosing them or not returning the materials to school.

Now that I'm feeling better, I plan to return to school and expect to continue on with my lesson plans as though I was never absent. It is a great feeling knowing that my students were able to continue learning about the concepts we discussed prior to my sickness, and that being sick didn't derail my students educational process. I have Big Universe Learning to thank for this due to the ease in gathering and assigning materials that directly relate to our current concepts.

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