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Posted by Big Universe on Dec 20, 2011 9:00:29 AM

FOR SANTA? Do you know what time of year it is?

In one of their daily wonders, Wonderopolis looks ways people celebrate the winter holidays in Wonder of the Day #78:

Come December each year, people of different faiths and cultures celebrate the winter holidays in many different ways.

Wonderopolis shares a little bit of information about Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Advent. That information could be used to build a bit of background knowledge before reading a book about that holiday or about winter holidays. That information could also be shared as a place to find other information after reading a book about the topic. Looking for ways they are the same and ways they are different is something that even Kindergarten children work on, so this could be good material for practicing that as well.

They even share an activity you can do no matter what holiday you celebrate since it involves candles which play a role in the celebration of each of them: create your own candles by recycling bits of broken crayons.

Big Universe also has books on the various winter holidays:


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