21st Century Reader's Bill of Rights

Posted by Big Universe on Dec 27, 2011 2:08:47 PM

In honor of the New Year, I would like to update Daniel Pennac’s Reader’s Bill of Rights for the 21st Century Reader.

Every reader has:

1. The right to not read

I may not read everything I choose. With Big Universe, I can save as many books on my bookshelf as I like, and I can read them or just save them. Maybe I’ll read some more than once (see number 4), and delete others. My choice of reading material should be my most personal and self-directed choice

2. The right to skip pages

I may choose to read the first page of each chapter, or just the captions in a book. Either way, I am reading. I am taking from a book what appeals and has the most importance to me. I am learning, and enjoying it.

3. The right to not finish

Not all books are right for all people, and not all books can be chosen by their covers or brief descriptions. If a book fails to excite me and hold my interest, I have the right to abandon it. Perhaps it is too difficult, and I will abandon it until I am ready to read it comfortably, or perhaps I will get from it all that I need from the first few pages. Forcing me to finish a book simply because I started it will certainly turn me off reading, and make me choose very, very slender books in the future!

4. The right to reread

Conversely, some books are worth rereading, and I can gain something new from it each time I reread. It’s like revisiting a favorite vacation spot, or returning to a particularly good restaurant; each time we experience more, taste more, enjoy more.

5. The right to read anything

Sometimes a magazine is the perfect read, sometimes I’ll want the biggest, deepest book I can find. I can read eBooks, listen to audiobooks, or thumb through a picture book; each is a valuable learning tool and enjoyable reading experience. The book is not the medium, it is the ideas conveyed by the text or spoken word, so format does not matter.

6. The right to escapism

Books can transport us to other times, other places, other ways of thinking. If we cannot escape through reading, is there any other reason to read for pleasure?

7. The right to read anywhere

With my portable eReader, my phone, my CD player, my MP3 player, my netbook or my laptop computer, I really can read any time, any place. . I can carry books, or access millions of titles in an instant. I can listen to a book in my car, in the dark, while washing dishes, or while walking down the street.

8. The right to browse

With thousands of books at my fingertips, I can browse and put hundreds of books on my Bookshelf, without committing to any of them. Choosing books should be as fun as shopping for candy – everything looks good, and we can select a little of everything to savor later.

9. The right to read out loud

Some passages beg to be read out loud. Some people retain better what they read out loud. Some books are read aloud to us, and we can understand better than if we tried to read it ourselves. Audiobooks can increase attention and vocabulary, and help readers build language skills.

10. The right to not defend your tastes

We not only can read whatever we like, but we can share our selections with others so much easier with Big Universe. Because it is a social reading and writing site, with thousands of books on all reading levels, readers can choose from a myriad of topics and formats, and share what they find interesting.

I wish all of you a Happy Year of Reading, and hope that you all enjoy the Right to Read!

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