Happy New Year from Big Universe Learning

Posted by Big Universe on Dec 31, 2011 4:33:10 PM

Happy New Year from Big Universe Learning!

It’s been a joy to be part of the blogging team for this unique educational website, a global online reading and writing community for teachers and pre-K-Grade 8 students. I’ve watched its library shelves fill with high-quality children's books, its membership grow, and its focus evolve to meet the needs of educators and parents devoted to raising the next generation of readers. What a privilege!

As we put 2011 to bed and welcome in 2012 and its possibilities, I leave you with a RESOLUTION – an acrostic set of tips to maximize your interaction with Big Universe Learning and promote literacy in the new year.


R is for Reading Levels. Use them to find “just right” books.

E is for Edit. Our Authoring Tool lets you write stories. Don’t forget to proofread.

S is for Share. Message others about favorite Big Universe books on our safe network.

O is for Online. Get online and stimulate dialogue about literacy on our Facebook page.

L is for learning something new every day. Log on and READ!

U is for Unclutter. Remove former pupils’ names from accounts and streamline bookshelves.

T is for Twitter. Follow us!

I is for Images. Use our clipart or upload your own photos to customize your books.

O is for organizing your day. Make time to read in 2012.

N is for navigate. Use the Help page or watch a tutorial to hone your Big Universe user skills.

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