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Posted by Big Universe on Oct 15, 2012 10:48:29 PM

Bun, Pip, Tab, Sox and Ted are the fun characters that make up a team featured in the Problem Solved! Readers series of books from Red Chair. These five friends go on adventures that lead them to learn great things about such topics as friendship, responsibility, honesty and working together. My own young children love these books. They are somewhat easy for my fourth graders, but we have found a way to utilize them all the same. They are excited to read them to their Kindergarten buddies!

My fourth grade students have gone through the collection of stories and picked out ones they want to read and share with their young buddies in our school. Some students have been practicing their read aloud skills while others have been working on different questions they will ask their buddies as they get to certain parts in the story. Because we have been working a lot with comprehension strategies in our own lessons, my students have been thinking of how they can check in with their buddies to make sure they understand the story and the lesson in the story. They are becoming the teacher!

One girl, who has chosen the book "The Big Box" is planning on focusing on the question, "What would you do?" to guide her buddy through the story. She is also planning on pausing every page to ask her young buddy to discuss how the characters feel about the situation. I can tell she is excited to read this book.

My students and I like how each of these books have a page before the story that labels each character and gives a short teaser to what the story may be about. My students noticed how this is a great way to do some pre-reading discussion before the story starts.

I'm hoping my students get the chance in the next week or so to read with their buddies. It will be fun to watch them work with and read to their buddies in this new digital manner as that always motivates students.

Check out this series of books. They are cute and well done. Surely, no matter what age your students are, you will find a way to slide these into your day!


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