Humor in the Classroom!

Posted by Big Universe on Oct 17, 2012 8:55:16 AM

What do you think about bringing giggles and humor into the classroom?

According to the Plattsburg Center for Teaching Excellence:

A little bit of laughter in a classroom can go a long way in decreasing anxiety, lowering defenses, fostering a positive student-instructor relationship, defusing tensions, provoking imagination, triggering interest and motivation to learn, and opening the mind.

I agree that humor can be a great thing to use in classroom!

I am not talking about a clown or a laugh machine ...

I am not really talking about joke books either ...

I am talking about books that are fun to read and may even cause a little snicker from the student who always frowns!

Some authors just have a way of using words ...

And the illustrators add a whole lot too!

There are many books like that on Big Universe Learning!

Penelope and the Monsters by Sheri Radford is one of those books that just make me smile and smile! This book just would not be the same without the illustrations. Kids love this book since they can relate to it in so many ways!

I encourage you to go read it and find some others too!

Laughter is contagious!


Here are some other resources supporting the use of humor in the classroom:

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