What Do You Know about Skeletons?

Posted by Big Universe on Oct 31, 2012 8:36:18 AM

Today I got to act like both a teacher and a mom!

I helped with the Fall Snack in my daughter's 1st grade class!

As I waited for the students to return from Specials, I looked around the room ...

There were 10 interesting facts about skeletons written on chart paper at the front of the room ....

Did you know we have the same number of bones in our necks as giraffes have in their necks? (Seven)

Later while students were snacking on chips and cupcakes, the teacher showed a video about skeletons .... not a scary video but a learning one that talked about the many important jobs our skeletons do as well as showing other types of skeletons too.

The featured publisher this week, Bellwether Media, even had a book about skeletons in its collection: The Skeletal System:

Do you know how many bones are in your body? Get under your skin in this introduction to the skeletal system. Young readers will discover how bones fit together, how they move, and how they protect other parts of the body.

As I read through this book on Big Universe Learning, I was very impressed by the large interesting illustrations. The backgrounds and text on the page are add to the interest this books builds for learning about a science and health topic.

Don't be surprised if you find some of these things on the pages:

  • Quick Facts to help children learn even more
  • Arrows and Labels pointing to parts of the bones and joints
  • Word in bold to show key vocabulary
  • Pages devoted to ONE main topic
  • Bright Colors
  • Engaging Pictures
  • A Glossary

I think I might have been more interested in Science when I was in school if it had been presented this way!

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