Gratitude - If You Can Read This say "Thank You"

Posted by Big Universe on Nov 19, 2012 3:45:31 AM

Ready or not the Thanksgiving holiday is just four days away!

What I love about the holiday is that despite the hustle and bustle, I can still find that "quiet place" to think about all of the things I'm thankful for.

What am I most thankful for? Well, the gift of literacy ranks right up there with my family and my health!

There were a lot of people who encouraged me to read, try my hand at writing, and of course, made me stand in front of a class and give a speech!

That I can read means I owe a debt of thanks to those who helped me. There isn't just one person, it is a community effort at home, at school, and yes at work. Not all of us turn out to be bookworms, but all of us use those skills every day, probably without even thinking about it. Here are some examples ...

  • While you're sitting in the airport playing Words with Friends or Word Drop;
  • As you read the exit sign on the way to Grandma's House;
  • When you double check the recipe for the amount of nutmeg in the pumpkin pie;
  • Listening to Uncle Joe tell that story about going fishing with Grandpa;
  • And yes, even when you're checking the TV for the football scores!

Whether you are just preparing to travel are or already gathering with family and friends, we wish you safe travels and a holiday filled with laughter, joy, plenty of pumpkin pie!

We also hope that you not only have a chance to enjoy all of the joys of literacy that permeate everyday life, but that you get to thank the people who made it possible!

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