Picture Books and Science ... Do those go together?

Posted by Big Universe on Nov 28, 2012 2:38:00 PM

Science class and Picture/Trade Books ....

Do you think those go together?

  • Did you know these books make science topics easier for you and your students to understand?
  • Did you know these books can have a more reader-friendly tone and use familiar language?
  • Did you know these books can provide information in a more exciting way?
  • Did you know these books reinforce learning after a lesson is taught?
  • Did you know these books help a child see science as a part of his or her everyday life?
  • Did you know these books can change a child's attitude toward science?

What are some of your favorite picture/trade books to use along with Science Topics?

Here are some questions to consider when choosing quality science literature:

  • Is the science concept recognizable?
  • Is the story factual?
  • Is fact discernible from fiction?
  • Are the illustrations accurate?
  • Does the story promote a positive attitude toward science?
  • Will children read or listen to this book?

You are in luck since there is a whole category devoted to Science and Technology on Big Universe Learning!


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