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For the past 30 years, Saddleback Educational Publishing has been a leading source of solutions for struggling learners in middle and high school. While Saddleback primarily publishes titles for children and young adults ages 10-18, they also offer titles for adult learner and special needs students.

Saddleback features headline-making stories presented in an easy-to-read format--true stories with the struggling reader in mind. They also offer a collection of leveled paperbacks and urban flip-books, as well as audio books, ebooks, and interactive titles.

Big Universe had the chance to sit down with Saddleback Educational Publishing as a part of our Publisher Spotlight campaign:

Big Universe: We'd love to hear about what you're doing at your company... What aresome of the most popular items that you've published in the last three years?

Saddleback: We have published many new Urban Fiction titles and these books are very popular with struggling readers. Urban Underground, Juicy Central, Gravel Road and Lockwood High are some of our best selling Urban Fiction series. Graphic Novels continue to grab teen reader’s attention. This year we added a Steve Jobs title to our Graphic Biographies series and our Graphic Shakespeare and Graphic Illustrated Classics continue to sell quite well.

Big Universe: In looking at the current front list and the upcoming season, are there any specific themes that you've focused on in the catalog?

Saddleback: We are continuing to add to our Urban Fiction offering and are also adding some new non-fiction titles such as Hip Hop Biographies. These 48-page full-color biographies feature the most well known artists in the Hip Hop Community such as Drake, Usher and Rihanna to name just a few.

Big Universe: Do you have a personal favorite from the current catalog that isn't getting lots of 'buzz'?

Saddleback: We published a series called My New Normal last year – it is a Dystopian Teen Romance fiction series. What makes it unique is that it was written by a 15 year old first time author. It’s amazing to see the world from such a young author’s perspective and the books work really well with fans of the Hunger Games.

Big Universe: What is the book that has been the biggest surprise to you (can be a sleeper, new series that has gone like wildfire, a book that was the cover but not as popular as others, etc.)?

Saddleback: Last year we published a ten book series of Lifeskills Handbooks which were designed to teach skills that might not be covered in high school. Some of these skills/titles are Managing Money, Job Search, Moving Out on Your Own, Everyday Household Tasks, etc… The books are written at a low reading level so even students that struggle with reading will be able to grasp the information. The series has been quite successful as it teaches skills which are relevant to all young adults.

Big Universe: What's next for your company? Are there changes coming in the following year? Do you have any new series or product lines that you’d like to share with us?

Saddleback: We have a new series coming out in January 2013 called Robinsons Hood, which is a modern day Robin Hood “steal from the rich, give to the poor” theme. The difference is the “rich” are the local gangs and the money that is stolen is the gang’s drug money. This is a great series for middle school aged readers and each book ends in a cliff hanger.

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