Is Writing a Part of Balanced Literacy?

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Balanced Literacy involves both reading and writing. It allows students to learn skills and practice according to their strengths and needs in literacy.

With the focus so much on reading, including read alouds, guided reading, shared reading, independent reading, there are times that I think we neglect the writing piece of the balanced literacy idea.

What are the pieces of writing in Balanced Literacy?

  • Modeled Writing
  • Shared Writing
  • Guided Writing
  • Independent Writing

Let's explore Shared Writing:

Shared (Interactive) Writing is a teaching process where the teacher and children collaborate to write a text together, using a “shared pen” technique that involves children in the writing. The teacher has most of the responsibility as she acts as the scribe. The children are invited to write the parts that they know while the teacher fills in the unknown. In a large or small group, the teacher uses chart paper or a white board, markers, and post-it tape.

The purpose of Shared Writing is to demonstrate how writing works by showing children that their ideas can be recorded on paper and that they can participate in that recording process (writing). In addition, Shared Writing provides opportunities for children to develop concepts about print (directional movement, return sweep, one to one matching, etc.), and to participate and behave like writers.

(from James Gentry's website)

Need some ideas for how to do a Shared Writing Lesson?

In this document, Gentry shares a suggested teaching sequence for a Shared Writing lesson:

I wonder how the Writing Feature on Big Universe could be used to support Shared Writing ...

I wonder how the Writing Prompts on the Big Universe Blog could be used to support Shared Writing ....


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