Build Confidence and Skills Through Writing Contests

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You can get your students’ creative juices flowing through a little healthy competition, with the hopes of a writing contest prize to motivate them to write.

The nature of writing is personal and individual. Each child has his or her own voice, and this takes time to develop. Young writers struggle incorporating detail, while older students can struggle with organizing story elements. Either way, we encourage students to hone their writing skills with practice, and what better way to do it than entering a writing contest!

What’s So Great about Writing Contests?

Increase writing skills

Writing contests provide more structure than simply doing creative writing or journaling. The challenge begins with guidelines such as writing within a set word count, specific topic or genre. Contest deadlines sharpen young writers’ time management skills. This is great opportunity to work on stages of writing, from pre-writing to revising content to editing for grammar and punctuation.

Build Confidence

Writing contests can also build confidence in young writers. Creating a story or article that is detailed and ready to submit is a wonderful accomplishment. The thought of winning, and possibly gaining notoriety for their work, motivates many students.

Some students may lack confidence to enter a writing contest. This is an excellent opportunity for teachers to encourage their students to try to overcome some insecurities. As with anything, writing takes practice, and the more you practice, the skills and techniques of writing becomes more natural.

Develop Research Skills

By submitting an entry into a writing contest, students may be asked to write on an unfamiliar topic. Professional writers know that writing involves research, and your students will experience how research enriches their work. They will see how researching a particular person for a biographical article or a different climate for a story’s setting can make a big difference – or even become the basis of their story or article.


Big Universe Writing Contest

We here at Big Universe, always looking for ways to help encourage young people to write, are launching our first student writing contest.

  • Entries will be accepted in three age groups: K-2, 3-5, and 6-8.
  • Short fiction entries with less than 200 words will be accepted.
  • The subject can be any topic about nature. Entries can feature animals, weather, the environment, plants, and more.

We are excited to see what the students come up with! For more details on our contest, please visit the contest page at


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