A Love of Learning = A Life Time of Learning

Posted by Teresa M. on Oct 16, 2014 7:00:28 AM

We wouldn't be where we are without teachers. When we as educators instill a love of learning in our students, we have created life long learners. Some students have a natural tendency to learn. However, when students have difficulty learning how can we as educators foster a love of learning? These suggestions can work with students of all ability levels.

Student generated projects- Allow students to have freedom or choices in the topics they learn or in final project. You will see an increase in student motivation and application to real life situations which will engage your students.

Build Relationships-To often we talk about rigor and relevance but we forget about the most important "R" in education. We need to build relationships with our students.

Give Praise- Not all students can be honor students. However, each student can offer something unique to the classroom. Finding that special talent that your students have may take some time, but when you recongize their strenghs, you find ways for your students to be successful.

Individualized Instruction-Students need to feel successful in school. When instruction is on their level they are given opportunities to succeed.

So, today we celebrate you and thank you for all that you do to encourage life long learners.

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My Teacher's in Detention

by Bruce Lansky (author), Stephen Carpenter (illustrator) © 2006
"This book delivers 45 hilarious poems about school that cover everything from homework and tests to detention and school lunches. Well-known poets Bruce Lansky, Kenn Nesbitt, and Robert Pottle—plus many more great Giggle Poets—wrote these gems."



Topics: Classroom Ideas, Personal Experiences, Differentiation, Special Education

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