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Posted by Teresa M. on Oct 30, 2014 4:50:06 AM

As educators, we are preparing our students to become responsible citizens in society. Sometimes the topics we discuss with our students may save their lives. Teaching your students about safety is one such lesson. The words"stop, drop, and roll" come to mind. We hope that our students will never have to use this knowledge to save themselves or others. However, in the world we live in, you never know what will happen to our students once the leave our campuses. Finding resources this month to help teach fire prevention and fire safety can be time consuming. Try these with your students to help them learn the importance of learning fire safety.

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Elliot's Fire Truck

by Andrea Beck (author) © 2010
ISBN: 9781554691449Elliot Moose is on the loose once more. As he jumps aboard his bright red fire truck and takes off to the next rescue, he feels courageous. All his friends want to ride on the truck and be firefighters too. Nobody wants to be rescued. One by one,Elliot’s friends climb aboard until there is no more room on the truck. When suddenly they all need a rescue for real, it is his two youngest and smallest friends who save the day. This lively new addition to the Elliot Moose series is a charming tale of friendship and fair play.

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The Fire Department

by David and Patricia Armentrout © 2009
ISBN: 9781615907199 AR: / This book explains why we have fire departments and how they support and add value to the community. Includes details such as who works there, why they are necessary, and special equipment firefighters use.

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Tito, the Firefighter / Tito, el bombero

by Tim Hoppey (author), Kimberly Hoffman (illustrator)
SBN: 9781621671985

This bilingual (English/Spanish) text has Spanish sprinkled in and, as each word is introduced, it is used from there through to the end of the book. There is also a vocabulary page at the end of the book.

Richie, a New York City firefighter or bombero, only speaks inglés, but he answers all calls for help. In any language, a good deed is still a good deed. When Tito grows up, he wants to be a bombero. He speaks both inglés and español. But he never dreamed his bilingual skill might actually help Richie and the other bomberos save the day!

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