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Posted by Teresa M. on Nov 3, 2014 11:55:47 AM

Making connections to history through current events is a great way to introduce government to younger students. With elections just around the corner it is a timely lesson to teach your students about voting and the process our government has for elections. You could also teach about different branches of the government since the non presidential elections involve local and state government positions.

Try these resources with your students when you discover what it means to be involved in government.

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What's an Election?

by Nancy Kelly Allen (author) © 2013 ISBN: 9781618104021

Students will learn the election process from beginning to end with this wonderful title. From what a candidate is, to where and when people vote, and how and why the election process is so important in our country.

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How is a government elected?

by Susan Bright-Moore (author) © 2011 ISBN: 9780778789888
This book provides essential information on all aspects of the election process. How is a government elected? is packed with plenty of full-color images to help deliver a fundamental message: that the right to vote is one of the cornerstones of a free and democratic society.

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Civic Responsibilities

by Karen Kenney (author) © 2014 ISBN: 9781627179232

As Americans, we all have civic responsibilities to our country. These may include serving on a jury, voting during an election, obeying the laws, and being a good citizen by volunteering or helping those in need. This book also discusses other civic responsibilities, such as paying taxes, serving our country during times of conflict or war, and how our freedom comes with a price! Learn all about how you can be a good citizen in the wonderful country we call home! This book will allow students to determine the main idea of a text; recount the key details and explain how they support the main idea.

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How a Bill Becomes a Law

by Kyla Steinkraus (author) © 2014 ISBN: 9781627179201
Have you ever wondered just how a bill becomes a law? This book takes you through the many processes the legislative branch of our government must follow to introduce a bill, and the steps it goes through to make it an actual law. The different committees, voting procedures, debates, amendments, and finally to the presidents pen, which is the last step in making a bill a law! Learn all about how important laws are to our country, and how they help keep all of us safe! This book will allow students to determine the main idea of a text; recount the key details and explain how they support the main idea.

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What Are the Branches of Democracy?

by Ann H. Matzke (author) © 2013 ISBN: 9781618104045

Teaching students about what a democracy is and how our country was founded on the Constitution, which protects our rights and freedoms, is the main focus in this title. Filled with Democracy Fact boxes which include information to reinforce the text.

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