Creating Meaningful Assessments

Posted by Teresa M. on Dec 2, 2014 5:30:55 AM

When you deconstruct your standards you will need to create assessments. As educators you are constantly assessing students either formally and informally. All of these key data points will help you get a better picture of the strengths and weaknesses of each student. As you approach the end of unit or end of skill your assessments will be more in depth. Creating meaningful assessments will need to have higher level thinking skills. Be care not to rely solely on basic comprehension level questions. Making the authentic assessments gives your students opportunities to experience productivity tools.

  • First, you can use the quick "take quiz" option with a lot of the books within Big Universe. This gives you an idea of where you students by content. Big Universe has helped you by making it easy to see concept and skills areas.
  • Second, by using the writing module you can create meaningful assessment. This writing feature allows students to "create"; a higher level thinking skill. By allowing students to use their knowledge and share that knowledge with you, the class, or the world. Refer to the writing content standards for more in depth use of the program.
  • Lastly, don't reinvent the wheel! There are plenty of resources available. Try these resources with your students.

Science Fair Success!

by Kristen Larson (author) © 2014 ISBN: 9781627179799

Science fairs can be a timely assignment, but they can also be fun, rewarding, and sometimes help you to earn scholarships and prizes, too! The recipe for a great science fair or engineering project has just a couple of simple ingredients: a topic you care about and a question you can test. Learn every step of how to make your next science fair or engineering project a winner by following the detailed instructions, helpful hints, and design information in this title. So, dont be scared, be prepared, and you are sure to have science fair success! This book allows students to understand how knowledge of relevant scientific concepts and research findings is important in engineering.

I can write a book about butterflies

by Bobbie Aloian (author) © 2012 ISBN: 9781427179937

This fun book teaches children concepts, or big ideas, about butterflies, including metamorphosis, migration, symmetry, and pollination. Children are encouraged to draw their own butterflies, take photographs, or find butterfly photos on the Internet. The text styles taught in this book include informational text, using headings and different fonts, boxed info, and creative writing.

Topics: Classroom Ideas, Common Core, Integration Ideas, Writing, Technology, Literacy

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