Using Assessment To Inform Instruction and Increase Learning Outcomes

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Teachers Can Utilize Multiple Types of Student Assessments To Evaluate and Guide Instruction

Educational assessment can be a powerful tool to inform and guide instruction. According to the researchers at CCSS and assessments can lead to improved instruction and, subsequently, improved student learning. Using a variety of measures to evaluate students' learning creates a vivid picture of the student's academic performance. It can also help educators to identify the student's area of strength and weakness.

Educators And Parents Can Help Students Prepare For Tests And Exams

Children, teens and adults that know what to expect on an exam do better and earn higher scores. Teachers can use this text to share important test taking information with the students.

BigTestThe Big Test

by Julie Danneberg (author), Judy Love (illustrator) (illustrator) © 2011
ISBN: 9781580893619 AR: /

Mrs. Hartwell is preparing her class to take the Big Test. Knowing they have studied and are well-prepared, she helps the students practice how to sit quietly, fill in the bubbles, and follow the directions. She even instructs them on proper morning-of-the-test nutrition. As her students grow increasingly anxious about the Big Test, Mrs. Hartwell realizes she has to teach the most valuable test-taking skill of all: learning to relax!

Teachers Can Track Data To Analyze Students' Academic Achievement

Using manny different types of data can create and academic picture of the student. Many online texts and guides include assessments and data templates.

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thumb-3Giggle Poetry Reading Lessons

by Amy Buswell & Bruce Lansky (author), Stephen Carpenter (illustrator) © 2014
ISBN: 9781476742946

Amy Buswell and Bruce Lansky’s Giggle Poetry Reading Lessons turn struggling readers into happy readers.
Many struggling readers are embarrassed to read aloud. They are often intimidated or bored by texts that conventional programs require them to practice. So, instead of catching up, they fall further behind. Currently 67% of American fourth graders cant read grade-level text. Reading specialist Amy Buswell has spent eight years looking for remediation methods that work. What is needed, Buswell explains, is a program that improves the motivation of struggling readers, because that accounts for 90% of the problem. Four years ago, Buswell came up with a brainstorm. She knew her best readers enjoyed reading Bruce Lanskys poetry books for pleasure. The more poems they read, the better the reading got. Why not use Lanskys kid-tested poems as texts struggling readers could practice on to improve their readingusing six research-based strategies: choral reading, echo reading, paired reading, repeated reading, sustained silent reading and say it like the character reading. This book is the result of that brainstorm and the resulting collaboration between Buswell and Lansky. It gives teachers and parents everything they need to help children improve their reading: -35 kid-tested poems by Bruce Lansky -35 customized reading lessons by Amy Buswell -35 off-the-wall illustrations by Stephen Carpenter -35 sets of zany performance tips by Bruce Lansky all of which is designed to make the process of reading improvement more like fun than work. What Amy Buswell and Bruce Lansky have created is the most entertaining fluency intervention ever. Thats why it is so successful at overcoming negative attitudes to improve reading skills and scores. Ninety-five percent of participating students made significant improvement in their fluency (reading rate). And average reading scores on the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) for Buswells school raised her schools rating to an A


Teachers Can Use Rubrics To Document The Progression Of Academic Skills

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books and dictionaryBooks And Guides To Assist With Assessment And Evaluation

Educators and parents can utilize multiple titles to plan and implement assessment and evaluation. Big Universe offers teacher's guides, educational resource books and student reading books on thousands of topics. Find these informational and useful texts at

thumb-4Good Grammar!

by Joanne Suter (author) © 2005
ISBN: 9781602914940

The Enhanced eBook edition available gives you the freedom to cut and paste any portion of the text into your own document; to project the eBook contents on a whiteboard; and more! 100 Reproducible Activities It’s no secret: practice builds skill, and skill builds confidence. By focusing on essential elements of grammar, these reproducible exercises are the ideal supplement to your language arts program. Good Grammar! covers all the bases in a variety of skill-specific lesson formats. The annotated table of contents makes it easy to locate and prescribe instant remediation. Topics Include: Anatomy of a Sentence, Sentence Structure and Syntax, Subjects and Predicates, Compounds: subjects; Predicates and Sentences, Eight parts of speech, Nouns: Singular and Plural; Proper and Common, Self-assessment and Proofreading, Subject-verb agreement, Personal Pronouns and Antecedents, Adjectives and Adverbs: Comparative and Superlative, and more…


mediumStudy Skills Book 1

by Saddleback Educational Publishing (author) © 2013
ISBN: 9781612476650

From reducing the stress of test taking to looking up words in a dictionary, these workbooks have it all. Includes organizing for study, improving memory, taking notes, goal setting, and more. Topics Include: Organizing for Study; Improving Memory, Anatomy of a Textbook, Taking Class Notes, The Vocabulary of Tests, and more…


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