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ipad-1126136_1920.jpgFebruary is affectionately called “I love to Read” or “Book Lovers” Month. Every day in February can be made special by completing a reading related activity. Here is a list you and your students will LOVE!

1. Read about Chinese New Year!

2. Read with a buddy in your classroom

3. Read the comics with a friend.

4. Read your favorite story backwards. Was it funny?

5. Read a story upside down. Was it hard?

6. Read an article from the newspaper today.

7. Read a book about one of our Presidents.

8. Read the grocery ads. What is on sale?

9. Read a book and design a new cover for the book.

10. Ask a person in your family to read to you.

11. Read a joke or riddle book today.

Kick off “I LOVE TO READ WEEK” make sure to send notes home to parents! I like to coordinate this week with Valentine’s Day activities.

12. Look at the stars. Read a book about stars.

13. Hats off to reading! Wear a hat to school.

14. I love to read day!Wear red!

15. Sweat it out with a good book! Wear sweats!

16. Wear a T-shirt today that someone can read.

17. “Rope up” a good book.  Dress up in your western wear.

18. Design a bookmark to go with your favorite book.

19. Turn off the TV and read!

20.  Read about your favorite sport.

21. Write your own story and make a cover for it.

22. Curl up with a good book! Keep warm!

23. Write a story about yourself. Now share it!

24. Read a book to your favorite stuffed animal.

25. Go bananas over books! Eat a banana while you read.

26. Find a book of poetry and read some poems.

27. Visit the library and check out some good books.

28. Read a biography book to learn about a famous person.

We want to hear from our readers, how do you plan to celebrate Book Lovers Month?

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