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Happy Female Teacher Assisting Schoolchildren In Using Computer At School

This is often the time of year when teachers are starting to get a real feel for what the year is going to look like. The fresh faces are becoming familiar, and the unexpected behaviors are becoming less surprising.

The same goes for the other side of the coin, also. Your students are starting to see your patterns and preferences. They’re starting to figure out when to ask you for something, and when to avoid you. When your face and body language say “I’ve had a bad morning” or “I’ll be less grumpy after lunch”. 

Are you starting to feel stress build up?

Are you starting to become frustrated? 

I have just the thing.

Here are some recommended TED Talks that are guaranteed to pep you up, change your perspective, and help enliven your teaching practice. 

5. Christopher Emdin: Teach Teachers How to Create Magic

Some teachers have it, some teachers don’t.

Is this something you believe? It may be surprising to realize that we have subconscious beliefs like this holding us back from learning how to create magic and captivate our students.

Emdin is a master educator who teaches teachers how to capture the liveliness and connectedness from Black Churches, Barbershops, and Hip Hop and bring it into the classroom. 

4. Ramsey Musallam:  3 Rules to Spark Learning 

Student’s questions are the seeds of real learning. If you don’t start with them, use them, and bank on them, you will lose them.

Curiosity, Trial and Error, and Intense Reflection are the critical and amazing tools we need for teaching. Those were the principles of the surgeon who saved his life, and changed his subsequent teaching practice.

Ramsey writes 3 rules based upon the principles above and describes how he teaches as if lives depend on it.

3. Carol Dweck: The Power of Believing that You Can Improve

The students who believe they can improve do better than those who believe they have a set of skills that are set in stone.

It is truly amazing to see students know that they can define their own paths, and target improvement for the future.

2. Rita Pierson: Every Kid Deserves a Champion

Pierson knows that kids don’t learn from people they do not like. With a long view of education and education reform, she has analyzed how important relationships are in education.

Students need to feel safe and connected in order to learn, and there isn’t a single transformative teacher who isn’t in relationship with their students. Yet, there are simple things that we can all do to enliven our experience and connect with our students in powerful ways.

1. Eduardo Briceno: How to Get Better At Things You Care About:

Briceno describes the key concepts in improving performance. We’ve all had experiences where we’ve felt like we were putting in the time and effort to affect real change, and yet didn’t see it.

What is The Learning Zone? How does this differ from the Performance Zone? And, how do both affect teaching and learning? Briceno describes the differences and enlivens the details of sub-skills, concentrated practice, and frequent feedback so that we can help our students.

These TED talks should be the shot in the arm you need to tackle your lesson plans this week with improved vigor. Which TED talks do you return to? Which experts have changed your practice?

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