ESSA Updates

Building Bridges: Partnering with Families to Support Reading at Home

The Flier that Changed the World- Teaching Jo Ann Robinson in Black History Month

The Flipped Classroom: Benefits Students with Special Needs

High Museum of Art - Curriculum Connection

Building Bridges: Making Guest Readers Work In Your Classroom

Teaching as Resistance: The Septima Clark Story

Fact vs Fiction: A President's Day Lesson

National Student Volunteer Day

Teaching Students with SEBD

Freedom Writing: Students Expressing Ideas About Current or Controversial Events

"Hope is a Song in a Weary Heart"- A 3-Part Series on Lesser-Known Heroines for Black History Month

STEM Integration- Celebrate National Inventor's Day

Safer Internet Day

Black History Month - Civil Rights

Writing a Legacy: Celebrating Black History Month

28 Ways to Celebrate Reading

Creating A Makerspace Learning Environment

Xin Nian Kuai Le: Celebrating Chinese New Year

Success Story: From Struggling to High Achieving Students, Leveled eBooks Support Learning Across the Curriculum

3 Brain-Based Benefits to Classroom Writing

Individual Learning Styles

Activities for National Opposite Day

The Open Classroom

Poetry and the Inauguration: How Poets Participated in this Presidential Ceremony

Using Primary Sources to Teach Social Justice: Primary Sources Across the Curriculum Pt. 4

Learning Styles and Technology

National Kid Inventors Day

Oxford's Storytelling Schools

More than a Dream: Using King’s Legacy to Foster Civil Responsibility In Students

Teach Your Students Cuneiform (and Other Ideas): Primary Sources Across the Curriculum Pt. 3

Success Story: Flexible Access to Content Across Classrooms and Curriculum

10 Amazing Ways to Use Big Universe

High Achieving Students

Primary Sources in the Science Classroom for Lower Elementary: Primary Sources Across the Curriculum Pt. 2

Autism Memory and Multi-Tasking

Write About It: Celebrating National Letter Writing Week

Middle School Math and Primary Sources: Primary Sources Across the Curriculum Pt. 1

National Trivia Day Challenges

National Technology Day

National Science Fiction Day

Celebrating the New Year: Resolutions that You Can Keep

Writing Tips Round-Up: Review of Common Core- Aligned Classroom Writing Ideas

Essential Oils for Teachers and Students

Figuring It Out

Making Assessments Fun, and Low Stress for Students

Reading Packets No More: Keep Children Reading and Writing This Winter Break

Alternatives to the Late, Great 5PE - Why not to Rely on the Five-Paragraph Essay & What to do Instead

Success Story: Digital Content and Competition Encourage Reading

What is the Goal of Reading Goals?

Being Passionate about Reading

Forefathers' Day, the Forgotten Pilgrim Holiday

Has Popcorn Reading Become Stale? Reevaluating A Reading Tradition in Classrooms

Writing as Revolution: Teaching Writing as Citizenship with Common Core

Warm up with these COOL Books

Success Story: Supporting Multiple Teaching Initiatives at a High-Achieving School

Success Story: School Expands Their Library With eBooks; Students Read So Much Librarian Gets Pie in the Face

Using Novels to Engage

ESSA: Chiefs For Change in School Improvement

Celebrating Bill of Rights Day

Success Story: Motivating Middle School Students to Prioritize Reading

7 Printable Plans for Common Core Writing in Early Elementary

Simple Ideas to Build Student Read Aloud Confidence

Formative Assessments

ESSA Increases Education Technology Funding

Success Story: Competition Fuels Spike in Nonfiction Reading

Recognizing Rosa Parks: How One Act Transformed the Civil Rights Movement

Play-Based Kindergarten & Common Core Writing

Beginning a Classroom Word Study Program

Differentiation: Environment

Success Story: Giving Students Access to More Books In Spite of Tight Budgets

Goodbye, Core Academic Subjects, Hello, ESSA's Well-Rounded Education

Help!  How to Support Students Struggling With Reading

7 Strategies for Teaching Close Reading

Food for Thought... Cooking with ebooks

Differentiation: Content

Teacher and Leader Effectiveness, Every Student Succeeds Act

Celebrating Thanksgiving Through Reading

Google Can't Find Robert E. Lee- Teaching Research Skills in a Snapchat World

The Best of Both: Blended Learning

Differentiation: Process

Every Student Succeeds, ESSA, Accountability

Celebrating American Education Week - The Big Universe Way

I Love To Write Day 2016- A Quick Casserole of Ideas

Digital Literacy

Differentiation: Product

Every Student Succeeds Act, ESSA, Assessments for Students

Honor and Respect: Celebrating Veterans Day

Twelve Thousand Years of Thanks: Strategies for a Socially Responsible Classroom Thanksgiving

Cross-Curriculum Literacy

National Literacy Day: November 1st

Every Student Succeeds Act, ESSA: Standards

Building Bridges: Keys to Successful Parent Teacher Conferences

Halloween as Cultural Competence: A Spooky Strategy

Ideas for Struggling Readers

Encouraging Reading at Home

ESSA: Special Education Guideline Changes

Getting Focused: Mindfulness in the Reading Classroom

Minecraft, Memes & Microfiction- 3 Ideas for High-Interest Writing

Engaging Reading Activities: Classroom Elections

Success Story: Reading Flourishes in a Digital Learning Environment

Motivating Reluctant Readers

Critical Thinking Strategies for Practical Writing Ideas

Celebrate Make a Difference Day!

#teacherlifehack: The New Cross Level Grouping

Easy & Eye-Popping Student Work Displays

School to Home Communication

Election 2016, Teaching Tolerance

Four Keys to Jump-starting Digital Book Clubs in Your Classroom

Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month Through Literacy

Differentiating Instruction

World Animal Day Fun

Success Story: Reaching Every Reader, Across The Curriculum

Using the Library in Your Classroom to Teach Seven Reading Strategies

Fluency Boot Camp: Week Four: EXPRESSION

Scaffolding: Why kids need it!

Breaking Down the Standards

Building Bridges: Making Initial Contact with Students' Families

Formative Assessments:  Why do we do it?


Fluency Boot Camp, Week Three: PUNCTUATION

The Importance of Progress Monitoring

Fluency Boot Camp, Week Two: PHRASING

Is Blogging in Your Technology Toolkit?

Technology and Literacy go Hand in Hand

Reading Fast vs. Reading Well

Fluency Boot Camp, Week One: PACE

Classroom Management for Special Education

Challenging your ELL Students

Differentiation: not just a buzz word

DRA Basics: Benchmarking and Diagnostic (now what?)

Empowering Students: Flipped Classrooms

Empowering Students: Problem Based Learning

Quick Formative Assessments: Exit Tickets

Books that Take You Places

Please BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to School

Professional Development: It's What Teachers Do (in the Summer)!

Using eBooks to Support Themed Lessons

Success Story: Ohio District Uses Big Universe to Introduce Technology in K-4 Schools

Success Story: Constant Learning with the Big Universe Comprehensive Literacy Solution

Success Story: Creating a Culture of Reading

How to Boost Your Students’ Confidence

The Benefits of Using eBooks in your Classroom

5 Tips for Using Tablets in the Classroom

Science Lesson Plan about Birds

Prevent Year-End Burnout with a Few Simple Tips

Writing Activities to Keep Kids Engaged at the End of Year

Great Ideas to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

How to Motivate Kids to Read over the Summer

Must-Have Skills to Succeed as a Modern Educator

Great Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

Great Apps to Teach Kids Math

10 Year-End Projects to Keep Your Learners Engaged

Tips for Finishing the School Year Strong

Using Technology to Improve Literacy

Big Universe Congratulates all the National Reading Month Winners!

5 Unique Ways to Celebrate National "Drop Everything And Read" Day

Post Office Lesson Plan

Using Technology to Collaborate With Your Colleagues

Tips to Keep Parents Involved in Classroom Activities

What educators should know about Social Media

Unique Ideas for Engaging Classroom Displays and Bulletin Boards

Rethinking the Science Fair

Apps teachers should know about - and USE!

Encourage Your Struggling Students

Find out why we are offering over 31 chances to win Big Universe.

Creating a Spring Lesson Plan

Deconstructing a Writing Prompt

How to Start a Classroom Blog

Everyone Wins When Students are Readers!

Preparing Your Students for Spring Standardized Tests

St. Patrick’s Day Lesson Plan With an Emphasis on Literacy

Read Across America with Engaging Literacy Ideas

Plugging Students Back In: Tips to Keep Students Engaged

Using Music to Teach Math

Beating the Winter Blahs

One More Extra Day Before We Leap Into Spring:Celebrating Leap Day in Your Classroom

Classroom Management: Making your Classroom Great!

Using Google Add-ons in your Classroom

Tips for Minimizing Student Distractions When Using Personal Learning Devices

President’s Day Lesson Ideas

Fostering a Growth Mindset within Your Classroom

Game On! Piquing Student Interest and Learning With Gaming

Valentine's Day Lesson Planning

Five ways to Use Personal Learning Devices in the Classroom

3 Ways to Manage Differentiated Reading Groups

A Groundhog Day Lesson that Counts!

5 Tips for Involving Students in the Assessment Process

Empowered Learners: Moving Beyond Teaching Norms

Using Big Universe to Promote Health in your Classroom

Reaching Readers At Differing Reading Levels

Taking it Home - Tips for Working with Parents

Integrating Content for ESL/ELL Students

Integrated Thematic Unit: Martin Luther King Jr.

Setting Classroom and Individual Learning Goals

5 Unique Ways to Integrate Technology into Classroom Instruction

6 Formative Assessment Techniques to Check for Student Understanding

Making the most of your Reading Groups

Brain Research: Music May Enhance Mathematical Skills

Tips to Keep Families Healthy and Fit During the School Year

Supporting Middle School And High School Students

Life Long Learning: Professional Development For Teachers

Writing a Research Paper

Question Stems To Facilitate Critical Thinking

Using Fiction to Help Teach Facts

National Punctuation Day (September 24th) Grammar lessons that your students will love.

Career Exploration Activities For Students

Using History to Hook Readers

Tips For Studying and Test Taking

Successful Professional Development For Educators

Understanding Historical Images: Strategies To Help Students Unpack History

Empowering Teachers Through Professional Development

Gaming Your Way to Digital Literacy

Getting out of the Literature Rut: Remodel Classroom Reading Lists

Creating Successful Students: Taking Notes and Close Reading

Homework Ideas For Students

Reading Tips and BOOKS aBOUT Going To School

Pre-Reading Engagement Strategies

Weekly Writing: What Should Students Write About?

Classroom Poster For Close Reading

Preparing To Go Back To School: Creating a Family Routine

Close Reading: Steps and Questions To Post In The Classroom

Helpful Homework Tips

Kindergarten Readiness

Dinner Table Discussion: Conversation Facilitates Academic Excellence

Classroom Management Toolkit

Wondering What to Post In The Classroom: Helpful Visuals In The Classroom

Start The School Year With Interactive Notebooks

Family Time: Utilizing Technology For Learning

Roadtrips: Hands on Learning

Stock Up Sale: Teaching Math Through Summer Sales Ads

Student Learning Essentials: What Should Parents Buy For Back To School?

Cooking In The Kitchen: Teaching Students Multiple Math Skills

Ohio District Uses Big Universe to Introduce Technology in K-4 Schools

Beat the Summer Time Blues

Campfire Stories and Engaging Activities

School Librarian Creates a Culture of Reading With an Expanded Library and Involved Families

Learning About The United States: Geography In Action

Celebrating Fourth of July: Books, Speeches, Food, Parties and Pizzaz

Value of Tall Tales

Your Country's History

"Old" School

The Lazy Days of Summer

Let summer be inspiring

Using Kids' Educational Skills To Create Father’s Day Projects

Flower Power

Blast off to Summer with Space Exploration

Teaching Manners by Writing Thank You Notes

Local Summer Learning Opportunities Kids Will Love

End of Year Showcase-Independent Research Topics

Kids In The Kitchen: Real Recipes For Math Instruction

Summer Learning: Geology and Geography on Vacation

Classroom Compliments: Ending The Year On A Positive Note

Travelouges and Adventure Journals: Keeping Kids Writing Over the Summer

Science Like a Girl: Exploring Women in the Sciences

Close Reading For Homework

Successful Reading Group Strategies

Engagement Strategies For The Classroom

Thank you, Teachers!

Career Day Generates Enthusiasm In Students' Future Jobs

Writing With Current Events-What's The Scoop?

Stay Ahead of the Summer Slide

Preparing Ahead-Successful Summer Learning Tips

Growing Food, Growing Bodies

It's a Laughing Matter

Interactive Notebooks For Learning

The Art of Persuasion: Teaching Ethos, Pathos and Logos

A pinch of math, a splash of history and a touch of language arts: Interdisciplinary Learning in the Classroom

Test Taking Tips and Strategies For Success

April is School Library Month

Building Better Writers

Perfect Presentation: Publishing Ideas

The Writing Process Made Easy

Celebrate Children's Book Day

Game On! Video Games Engage Students in Learning

Engaging Educational Activities For Easter

Teaching and The 21st Century Skills

Spring Break Is Time To Rake In New Learning and Skills

Once upon a time: a Fairy Tale Discussion

How Schools Can Prepare Students For The Summer Months

5 steps to forming a D.E.A.R. habit

Teaching Students About Current Events-The News, and Online Informational Text

The Common Core State Standards and Citing Evidence From The Text


Sweet Resources to Help you Celebrate "Pi" day

Learning from Personal Stories: Biographies in the Classroom

Happy World Read Aloud Day 2015!

Citing Evidence From The Text: Sentence Stems

Gearing up for Testing Part II

Citing Evidence From The Text: Academic Vocabulary

All About Informational and Explanatory Writing and The Common Core State Standards

Gearing Up for Testing

Coding For Close Reading

Maximize Instruction By Vocabulary Tiering

Connecting Math to the Real World

Timed Reading Helps Build Fluency

Chinese New Year Classroom Ideas

Fun and Easy Fluency Builders: Focus On High-Frequency Words


Making a Connection to History: Presidents' Day Lesson

Listen Up! Audiobooks as a Literacy Tool For Challenged and Reluctant Readers

A Five Minute Lesson on Vocabulary Strategies

Dictionary Use in the Classroom

Resources that Support A Friendship Based Writing Activity

All About Opinion Writing

Using a Literary Genre Studies Unit to Explore African American History and Culture

Kicking Off I Love to Read Month

Close Reading Helps Students To Deepen Their Understanding Of The Text

Penguin Unit: Cool Resources

Teaching Academic Vocabulary

Researched Based Ways To Practice Fluency In The Classroom

Appreciation for Art and Artist

Solid Research in a Virtual World

Music and Its' Impact on Learning

Letter Writing and Literature

Curling Up With a Good Book: Snowday Suggestions

How To Make Homeschooling A Success

Tips For Tutoring

Ways To Learn About Cross Training and Exercise For Families

Making a Personal Connection to History

Reseached Practices To Build Fluent Readers

Supporting Students Struggling with Adversity

Reading Tips To Encourage Young Adult Readers

Creating Family Tress

Not Just Another Animal Report

Supporting Dual Language Learners

Kids Helping Others

The Importance of Pleasure Reading

Dealing with Disruptive Behaviors

Creating a Positive and Nurturing Classroom Environment

Engaging The Brain

Science Experiments in the Classroom

Evaluating References

Math Made Easy

Facilitating Academic Rigor

Using Assessment To Inform Instruction and Increase Learning Outcomes

Stories and Books For The New Year

Goal Setting and The New Year

Teaching Strategies To Meet The Needs Of All Learners

Subtraction Action

Using Christmas Literature To Teach Academic Skills

Educating Children About Gift Giving

Teaching Kids About Holidays All Over The World

Classroom Economics-A Lesson in Classroom Management

Strategies To Keep Families Healthy and Happy During The Holidays

Feast on Some Good Reads

Counting Down to...Christmas

Creating Meaningful Assessments

Teaching Kids and Teens to Express Gratitude

Deconstructing Standards to Create Meaningful Lessons

Generating Excitement For Thanksgiving

Early Literacy Ideas

Use Technology to Make Writing and Reading Exciting For Students

Avoiding Stereotypes in Literature

Informational and Explanatory Writing For Students

How History Impacts Our Lives

Celebrating Veteran's Day

Life lessons - Internet Safety

Real Life Lessons-Government in Action

Beginning Writing Experience

Teaching Real Life Lessons-Safety

Cookbooks-Teaching Real Life Lessons

Appreciation for Fictional Characters

A Love of Learning = A Life Time of Learning

The Writing Process Made Easy: Thank You Notes

Creating Meaningful Writing Experiences

A Reading Specialist Talks About Teaching Reading and Phonemic Awareness

Rules and Manners-Setting High Expectations for All

Finding Native American Day Resources

Supporting All Readers

Breakfast: Your Brains' Best Friend

A Reading Specialist Talks About Teaching Reading: Concepts of Print

Celebrate International Literacy Day with Big Universe

A Reading Specialist Talks About Teaching Reading: Phonics, Word Recognition and Fluency

Tips For Getting Kids Hooked On Reading...For Life!

Teaching Diversity Using Anti-Bias Framework

Graphic Novels: An Alternative to Hi-Lo books

Back to School for Teachers

Lessons In Making Lunch: Teaching About Kids Math, Health and Literacy

Preparing For A Successful School Year

Real World Math Ideas

All About Pronouns!

Nouns, Nouns, Nouns

Teaching Kids To Love Running

Kids Can Publish Their Books Online

Inspiring Students To Love Learning About History

Teaching Kids To Share Their Opinion

Strategies and Books To Help Struggling Readers

Interesting Reading Material For Students Reading Below Grade Level

Funny Poetry For Kids

Preparing For Back To School: Smart Shopping For Children, Teens And Adults

Teaching Place Value

Grammar Made Easy

Information For Kids And Families About Eating Organic

Teaching Kids About The Dentist And Taking Care Of Their Teeth

Teaching High Frequency Words

Early Literacy Ideas: Teaching Word Families

Resources For Teaching Math Vocabulary And Concepts

Enjoying The Summer With Literature And Books

Kids And Money: Teaching Kids To Save For The Future

Math Vocabulary: Symbols And Words

Money Problems: Educating Kids About Dollars And Sense

Introducing Kids To Banks, Bank Accounts, And Economics

Easy To Use Resources To Help To Teach The Common Core State Standards

What Families Can Do To Help Kids Reach Academic Success

Writing Ideas: Genres

Summer Reading Beach Selections For Teens And Pre-teens

Summer Stories About The Beach For Preschool And Elementary Students

Educating Gifted And Talented Students

Teaching Kids About Health: Promoting Good Health Habits

Inspiring Kids To Love Science: Careers In Science

Empowering Students To Become Successful Adults

Meeting The Common Core Standards With Online Lesson Plans

Developing Successful Readers

Celebrate America

Using The Common Core Standards To Develop Lifelong Writing Skills

Introducing Students To Multiple Genres of Literature

Using Technology To Meet The Needs Of All Learners

Kids, Adults and Good Manners

Learning From Maps

Teaching Kids While Traveling During The Summer

Developing And Raising Bilingual Children

Activities For Summer

Exercise and Summer Fun: Keeping Kids Active and Fit

Enriching Kids Lives With Trips To Museums

Super Summer Vacations

Using Children's Handcrafted Artwork

Celebrate Fathers Day With Literature and Writing

Tips for Successful Journal and Diary Writing

Teaching Life Skills: Preparing Middle School and High School Students For A Successful Future

Teaching and Inspiring Children to Love to Write: Keep a Diary or Journal

Literature and Writing to Celebrate Mother's Day

eBooks to Engage Students in Spring

Making Writing Easy

Engage Students in the Kentucky Derby

Engage Your Students in Earth Day

April Showers

Engage Students in the Masters

Writing Prompt: The Cool Things Shelves

Celebrating National Letter Writing Month

Engage Students in Baseball's Opening Day

Writing Prompt: Superman April Fool's Day

Lesson Idea: Diary of a Pet Turkey

E-Books to Engage Your Students in March Madness

Preparing for Standardized Tests

Writing Prompt: Cat vs. Mice

E-Books to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Writing Prompt: Divergent's Factions

Bringing Veronica Roth's Divergent to Life

Different, Not More: Differentiation for Gifted Students in the General Classroom

E-Books to Engage Students in Women's History Month

E-Books to Engage Students in Presidents' Day

Teaching Kids About Money

Using Books, Writing and Crafts To Celebrate Valentine's Day

E-Books to Engage Students in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

Teaching Students How To Compare and Contrast

E-Books to Engage Students in a Celebration of Black History Month

Writing In Middle School

Technology Assisted Learning

The New Year! Goal Setting For Kids and Adults


Keeping Busy Families Healthy and Fit During The Holiday Season

Integrating Art and Literature

Writing Prompt: The House on Fish Island

Teaching Students How to Express Their Opinion

Writing Prompt: Robot Ninjas and Alien Astronauts

Celebrating Christmas With Literature

Writing Prompt: Video Camera Glasses

Writing Prompt: Tiny Island, Tiny Castle

Opinion and Argument Writing and The Common Core State Standards

Writing Prompt: The End of the Line Hotel

Informational and Explanatory Writing in The Elementary Classroom and The Common Core State Standards

Writing Prompt: Seahorse Story

Writing Prompt: A Villain on Vacation

Teaching Students About The World

Close Reading

Common-Core Challenges For Special Education Students

Writing Prompt: Secret, Floating Facility

Writing Tips and Ideas

Types of Reading to Increase Fluency

Tips For Homeschoolers

When Speech Issues Affect Literacy

Publisher Spotlight: Teacher Created Materials

Common Core State Standards and The Instructional Shifts in English Language Arts

Writing Prompt: Dinosaur Ambulance

Writing Prompt: Care Package

Who Wins in the Homework Battle?


Writing Prompt: A Floating Forest

Writing Prompt: Shapes From The Mist

I Hear You – Do You Hear Me?

Writing Prompt: Invisible Crown

Writing Prompt: A Fish Who Hates Being Wet

Building Successful Readers

News Literacy, More than Reading the Newspaper

Vocabulary and The Common Core Standards

Writing Prompt: Food Trees

Great Expectations for Special Needs Students

Reaching Parents about Common Core State Standards?

Writing Prompt: Modern Pirates

Who Is Guiding the Way?

Are We Playing on the Same Team? Special Ed Parents, Partners with School

When was the last time you learned a new word?

Integrating Project-based Learning with Big Universe

Writing Prompt: Internet Brain

Job Opening: Professional Development Webinar Leader

A Book With A Funny Title?

Writing Prompt: A Nightly Landscape Change

Asking Questions About Books?

Gotta Keep Reading

The Summer Reading List Includes Nonfiction

Writing Prompt: Dinosaur on the Wall

Summer Homework: The Wright Way to Get Organized

Writing Prompt: Floating Umbrellas

Balanced Literacy: What Comes To Mind?

Building a Community for Struggling Readers

Writing Prompt: Submarine in Space

Writing Prompt: The Time My Brother Tried to Cook Me for Dinner

Write through the Summer

Building Good Readers All Year Long

Writing Prompt: If I Were You I Wouldn't Touch That

A story about balance?!?!?!!

Slide into Summer Reading

Writing Prompt: We Had No Idea What Was Headed Our Way

Writing Prompt: My Aunt's Strange House

An Award Just For You!

Writing Prompt: Panda Paintings

Writing Prompt: Dinosaur Do Over?

Writing Prompt: The Scuba Diver and the Whale Shark

Does Reading Impact Writing?

Writing Prompt: Mysterious Island

Writing Prompt: Goats on a Trampoline

Digital Literacy and Critical Thinking Skills: Separating Fact from Opinion

Writing Prompt: Invisibility Cloak Advertisement

Read It Again?!?!?!

Technological Literacy in the Classroom

Writing Prompt: We Need His Help

Writing Prompt: More Cloud from the Cloud Drawer

Big Universe Webinars

Seven Critical Reading Strategies

Writing Prompt: Invisible Threads

Summer Ideas for Struggling Readers

Writing Prompt: Outward Appearances

Can Special Needs Test Scores Accurately Measure Proficiency?

Writing Prompt: Courage

Writing Prompt: Best Pizza

How Do You Know a Character?

Speeding up Slow Readers

Writing Prompt: Ant Invention

Celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week!

Writing Prompt: Asleep for Twenty Years

A Message About Moms ...

Comparing and Contrasting with a Venn Diagram

Writing Prompt: A Tough Conversation with a Young Pine Tree

Drawing Pictures to Help with Writing?

Writing Prompt: Across the Fence

Strength-based Strategies for Special Needs Students

Writing Prompt: Wasted Time

Big Universe Overview Webinar

Celebrate Earth Day with Big Universe

Financial Literacy Month ?!?!!

Writing Prompt: French Fry Persuasion

Strategies to Encourage Reluctant Readers

Writing Prompt: Who Is the Better Driver?

What Makes a Great Short Story?

Writing Prompt: Pocket Dragon

What is Danny Doing Now?

Writing Prompt: Best Packaging for Fruit?

Journaling with Children

Writing Prompt: The Final Beginning

Dawn Publications Connects Children with Nature

A Swimming Lullaby Sees a Cactus in a Feather Bed?

Writing Prompt: Internal Dialogue of a Baby

Publisher Spotlight: Dawn Publications

Writing Prompt: Down the Steps

Give Me Ten ...

Multisensory Approaches to Learning Sight Words

Writing Prompt: Making Money in the Land of Giants

Graphic Organizers: Meet Tadd F.

Writing Prompt: What Fruit Are You Most Like?

Questions and/or Answers ...

Why We Love Star Bright's “We Love First Grade!”™ Series

Publisher Spotlight: Star Bright Books

Writing Prompt: Eight Years of Change

Big Universe Contest Winners Announced!

How to Increase Self-Esteem When Readers Struggle

Writing Prompt: Optimistic Future

Can Read Alouds and Common Core Go Together?

Writing Prompt: What I Know About the World

Reaching Reluctant Readers Through Bearport Publishing's High-Interest Non-Fiction

Did You Know It is Literacy Month?

Writing Prompt: If the Map Was Right

Multiple Ways to Make Reading Come Alive

iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, iCanRead

Writing Prompt: All I See Is Fish

Publisher Spotlight: Bearport Publishing

Writing Prompt: Finally, After All Those Years

Book Review: A Pocket Full of Kisses

Who? Wants What? But? So? Then?

Writing Prompt: So Nice to Meet You

Make it a Seussational Celebration: Read Across America Day

Resources and Ideas RoundUp: February

Writing Prompt: Wallpaper Book

Book Review: Score! with Series for Transitional Readers

Just Around the Corner

Astronomy: A Doodle, a Song, a Reading List

Writing Prompt: Magic Lamp Motorcycle Escape

The Arts and Literacy: Part Three

Teaching Kids: Letting books send the message

Publisher Spotlight: Orca Books

Something’s Bugging Me

Writing Prompt: Mechanical Dragons

Book Reviews: Historical Fiction by Beverley Naidoo

Big Universe Offers Valentine Books and Activity Ideas

Strategies for Reading and Testing at the Same Time?

Social-Emotional Lessons through Literacy

The Arts and Literacy: Part Two

Join Us for a Webinar on Big Universe

Writing Prompt: A Balled Up, Smoking House...

Bilingual Books: a Gateway to Learning

Writing Prompt: Giant, Hungry Bunnies

Big Universe Congratulates the Winners of Our iPad Mini Giveaway

Book Review: Books for the Jr. Investigator

Leo is a very busy guy ...

The Arts and Literacy: Part One

Writing Prompt: Typical Day, One-Syllable Style

Paying Forward a love of Reading

Publisher Spotlight: Sylvan Dell

Writing Prompt: Historical Figure Holiday

Picture Book Review: Dawn Publications Has It Covered

How Can You Change A Story?

“Thank You for the Birthday Gift”

Big Universe Urges 'Teacher of the Year' Nominations

Writing Prompt: Melted Cheese

Wolf Collection

Books as Windows and Mirrors; a look ahead to Black History Month

Join Us for the Big Universe Webinar

Writing Prompt: Citizen Soldier

Book Review: Nonfiction for Mixed Age Audiences - Rourke Educational Media

Using Graphic Organizers to Brainstorm Ideas

Five Animals and One Potato ...

Corralling and Assessing the “Digital Wild West”

Rourke Encyclopedias and Informational Texts

Writing Prompt: Happy Headlines

History Is Alive and Well

Publisher Spotlight: Rourke Educational Media

Writing Prompt: Fairy Tale Lawyer

Book Review: Famous Figures of Ancient Egypt by Cathy Diez-Luckie

Responding to Literature in a Different Way

A Hands-On Approach to E-books

Informational Flip Books

Writing Prompt: Football Helmet

Resources and Ideas Roundup: Literacy & Learning in 2013

Build Confidence and Skills Through Writing Contests

Writing Prompt: Who Would You Bring Back?

Is Writing a Part of Balanced Literacy?

A False Dichotomy of E-books Versus “Real” Books

Writing Contests: Everyone Who Enters Wins ... Really!

Music to Read By

Writing Prompt: Pet Dragon

Dr. Seuss and Learning to Read

Big Universe Welcomes Marathon Books (NZ)

Writing Prompt: Where's the Cheese?

Book Review: Starting Fresh

It is what you DO ....

Four Ways to Revisit Reading

Writing Prompt: Restaurant Re-designed

Writing Prompt: Post Office vs. Library

Hug Your Child Today

Reading Resolutions for a New Year

Publisher Spotlight: Marathon Books (NZ)

Writing Prompt: New Holiday

Kindling That Elusive Math Mojo

Writing Prompt: The Great Penguin War

Big Universe Welcomes MaryRuth Books

Book Buddies: Creating Reading Evangelists

A Return to Big Universe

Need a Map? A Story Map?

Providing “Cultural Relevance” to Young Latino Readers

Books of Character

Writing Prompt: Fairy Tales vs. Science Books

Tackling the Hard Questions About Reading

The Sad Events of Today

Big Universe Welcomes Marshall Cavendish

Writing Prompt: Oranges Are Best

Book Review: Picturing Shakespeare (and Other Hard Books)

ABCs of Saddleback!

Writing Prompt: Teacher/Athlete Switch

Focus on the Climax

The Countdown to Winter Holiday - Keeping them Learning

Publisher Spotlight: Saddleback Educational Publishing

Writing Prompt: Fishing Ants

Book Review: Animals, Animales

A Family of Words?

Writing Prompt: Rare Bird Expert

Enriching the Classroom with Languages

Literacy Fun & Games for the Classroom

Writing Prompt: Video Game Character Autobiography

Book Review: Christmas Music For Reading & Sharing

Picture Books and Science ... Do those go together?

Using the Comprehension Problem-Solving (CPS) Process to Increase Comprehension

Writing Prompt: Pick Three to Add to the Story

On a Roller Coaster Ride

The Solution for Rainy Day Recess or Cabin Fever

Publisher Profile: Twin Sisters Productions

Writing Prompt: Stranded at Sea

Twas the Night Before ...

Could you be a character?

AR (Accelerated Readers), Critical for Reluctant Readers

Thoughtful, Thankful, Thrilling Writing Prompts

Writing Prompt: Gym Class Gone Wrong

Gratitude - If You Can Read This say "Thank You"

Becoming a "Successful Reader"

Writing Prompt: Worst to Best

Book Review: A History of Pumpkins

Big Universe and Balanced Literacy

Telling the Story of Math

Writing Prompt: Plumbing Jingle

Read and Read Alike: Finding the Perfect Book

Writing Prompt: Gender Switch

Book Review: Adoption Books that Celebrate Culture

Books and Blog Posts

Publisher Spotlight: Charlesbridge Publishing

Writing Prompt: Pain Description

Inferring with Norman Rockwell - Finding the Clues

E-Readers: The Ubiquitous Frontier

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What Do You Know about Skeletons?

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Halloween Onomonopia

Ready Reference - Having all the answers at hand

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Turning My Special Needs “Reluctant Reader” into an “Engaged Reader”

How Many Pumpkins Do You Rate?

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Understanding the Reluctance to Read Aloud

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Humor in the Classroom!

Theme Versus Subject in Fiction

Writing Prompt: Less Than a Second

Sharing Lessons with Friends from Red Chair

Publisher Preview: Red Chair Press Presents Award-Winning Books for Ages 3 to 9

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Boo! A Halloween Recipe for Reading Success

Do you need some ideas for what to do with nonfiction books?

Writing Prompt: Best Sandwich Description

Reading Lingo

Big Universe Overview Webinar

Literacy Beyond the Book: Word Games & Puzzles

Writing Prompt: Letter to Future History Students

Fall Into Reading with Danny and MaryRuth Books

What do baby elephants and high frequency words have in common?

Writing Prompt: Leaf Feelings

Practice Rereading with Music

Publisher Preview: MaryRuth Books, Publishing Books for Developing Readers

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Cybils 2012: Ready, Set, Nominate

Do you know the Ingredients for a Balanced Literacy Diet?

Writing Prompt: Stuffed Animal Room Description

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A Lesson in Main Idea

Book Review: Bethany Hamilton - Follow Your Dreams by Michael Sandler

Writing Prompt: Renting the School

The Early Reader Library: Books for the Developing Reader

Making Connections with Authors!

Writing Prompt: The Best Fruit Ever

Monitor, Pause, Clarify

Nonfiction Picture Books: Answering Big Questions from Little People

Writing Prompt: Recipe

Picture Book Review: Learning Math with Sylvan Dell

Connecting Books and Fall?

Big Universe Account Management Webinar

Writing Prompt: Bottled Memories

Reading Logs

Children's and Young Adult Bloggers Book Awards 2012

Writing Prompt: Poseidon for a day

Easy Reader Review: Aggie and Ben series by Lori Ries

Read to Explore and then to Learn

Writing Prompt: He sighed, took a deep breath, and dove in.

Starting a Year of Literacy

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Picking Books to Read As a Family

Writing Prompt: The Middle School Brain

The Family Read Aloud with Toddlers, Tweens, and Teens

Book Talks, Boys and Girls

Writing Prompt: The Start of the School Year

A Noodle Up Your Nose?

Helping Teens and Tweens with Summer Reading

Writing Prompt: Time-Traveling History Detective

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The 3 Rs of August: Relax, Rejoice, and Ready for School

Start the Year off Right!

Big Universe Account Management Webinar

Big Universe Overview Webinar

We are Curious, So Mars Here We Come!

Big Universe Account Management Webinar

Playing a Game with Literacy Benefits?

Connections are like background music ...

Learning From a Shed?

What’s Red and White and Read All Over?

A letter from who?

Writing Prompts for You to Use with Big U!

Summer Read Alouds

Big Universe Prevent Summer Reading Slide Webinar

What are you afraid of?

Big Universe Overview Webinar

Prevent Summer Reading Slide Webinar

How do you choose a book?

Big Universe Showcases Father’s Day Books

Poetic Memories

Big Universe Prevent Summer Reading Slide Webinar

A Book Wall?

Grants Advancing Literacy for Deaf, Hearing Impaired

Reading is Thinking

The More You Do It, the Better You Get?

Reading Until the End

Like Hunger Games, a Memorial Day Tribute

Summer Reading List: Books about Turtles

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Orca Book Feeds Imagination and Creativity

A Nonfiction Scavenger Hunt?

Big Universe Prevent Summer Reading Slide Webinar

Life isn't easy when you can't reach the water fountain ...

Big Universe Overview Webinar

Reading and Discovering Pythagoras

Connecting Literacy to Physical Fitness and Sports????

Children's Book Week: Get a Bookmark

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Who asks the most questions?

Thinking about Your Reading

How are you going to celebrate Earth Day?

3 Ways to Teach a Love of Reading

Big Universe Overview Webinar

Order Free ‘Children’s Book Week’ Poster

Shiver Me Timbers: Pirate Treasure on Big Universe!

Can words have power?

7 Strategies to Build English Language Fluency

Get Your Students to Write Poetry

Do you have a favorite author?

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Alphabet Favorites?

The Grand Conversation in Reading Groups

March Madness: Basketball Books for Kids

Capture Spring with Poetry and Pictures!

Inspiring Writers

Have you made an inference today?

Sticky Notes for Comprehension?

Children's Books About How the Body Works

Stories in Music

Want to Celebrate Women's History Month?

Music in Our Schools

Big Universe Approaches 'One Million' Milestone

Spring Break Reading Plans

Notice the words and the sounds

The Read Aloud

Big Lobster Freed, but Sea Life Teems on Big Universe

Cowboy Poetry Puts Some ‘Yee-Haw’ in the Classroom

Using Technology to Build Background Knowledge


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Graphing Progress

Playing Favorites ...

River Reading

Sled Dogs and Alaska – Winter Book Topics on Big U

Adding Illustrations to Student Writing

Whose Side Are You On?

Can music help make connections?

Reading Conferences

Not what I was looking for, but better ....

February Holidays: Books, Blogs, Links

Picture Books for the Older Kids

‘Tales for Very Picky Eaters’ Gets Dr. Seuss Award

Rockin' Out With YouTube!

Reflections on Independent Reading

Big U and Balanced Lit

Big Universe meets the Six Shifts in Literacy Instruction

Be Sensitive! Struggling Students At Work

Lily, Jewel, Faith, Honey, Lucky ...

Engaging Readers and Writers

Past, Present and Future

Come Slither: Snake Books for Kids on Big Universe

Reading and Writing about Math in our Lives Part II

Same But Different ...

Engage with Books by Asking Questions!

Reading and Writing about Math in our Lives

A Literacy Hook?

Happy New Year from Big Universe Learning

Need Goals For 2012? Here Are A Few Goals To Help You Succeed!

More Time in the Big Universe

21st Century Reader's Bill of Rights

Imagination is the Key Ingredient

Twisting the Traditional

Books for the Holidays!

New To Big Universe? 9 Surprises Your Students Will Enjoy!

O Christmas Tree…Thanks for the Memories

Titles and Illustrations ....

Friends on Big Universe

Absent Students? Problem Solved!

‘A Christmas Carol’ in Comic Book Form

Variations on a Classic

21 Challenging Ways to Respond to a Good Book

What is December 7th?

Featured Publisher: Remedia Publications!

2011 Wish List: ‘The Magical Christmas Horse’

When You Don't Have to Read a Book Cover to Cover

Why do we celebrate Rosa Parks on Dec. 1?

Winter time is reading time!

Extended Response Questions

The Top 10 Ways to Become a Better Reader

Experiences and Connections

Writing Modern Fables

‘Hands Off, Harry!’ is One for Social Skills Toolbox

What Good Readers Do

Let's Celebrate Picture Books!

Sharing Thanksgiving Through Writing

A Variety of Texts

7 Strategies to Teach Alphabet Letters

Turkey Trivia in Time for Thanksgiving

What are you doing to celebrate Picture Book Month?

Mountains and Valleys and Plateaus...Oh My!

The Picture/Text Walk

How Big Universe Can Help

You Can Thank Inventor Thomas Edison!

Connecting Science Content and Folktales

Reading for Enjoyment

A Pumpkin Patch and Pigs?

Reading is a Social Activity

Nonfiction Guided Reading Groups

Reading and Music Ability Linked, New Study Shows

Look Back in the Text

What to do with all the letters?

Conference Time! Student Goal Setting

Big Universe Says 'Boo' with Halloween Books

The Connections Between Music and Reading

Did you know there is a National Day on Writing?

21st Century Classrooms Blog

Student Writing Contest: Win Author Visit and Books

Homework in the Big Universe

Princesses and Pumpkins?

21st Century Pen Pals

When is a Just-Right Reading Level Just Wrong?

Using Music to Help Teach Visualization Strategies

Questions or Answers?

Traveling Literacy

17 Strategies to Help a Struggling Reader

Farewell, and thank you, Mr. Hart!

‘Fall’ Book and Crafts Usher in the Season

Fiction or Nonfiction ... Which do you prefer?

Extreme Sports Books for the Reluctant Reader

Reading Interviews

He's Just Not That Into...The Book!

Spider Counting Game for Kindergarten and Up

Getting Kids Started on Big U

Benefit of eBooks Made Tragically Obvious

Reading for Speed or Reading for Meaning?

Patience Is My Middle Name!

Step Back to Move Forward

First, Next, Then, Finally

15 Ways to Develop Reading Stamina

Do you know the benefits of TO, WITH, and BY?

The Dilemma of the eBook Collection

Poems from Pictures

Writing ....

Equity in Education Should Include Technology Too

Leveled Texts for Struggling Readers

Current Event Lessons: Storm, Quake, MLK

Vocabulary, Vocabulary, Vocabulary!

Getting BU Set Up for the New Year

Once Upon a Writing Prompt....

Powerful Book Talk Tip! Powerful Book Talk Tip!

Cross Curricular Front Loading with Big Universe

Dollars and Sense: Teach ‘em Young

Who wants to trade cards?

The BME of Literacy (and Music)


Getting to Know You- Literacy Style!

Complex Text and the Common Core

Writing to go along with books!

10 Ways to Make It Easier to Go Back to School


"Learner's Got Talent"!

Rethinking “Show and Tell” to Focus on Speaking and Listening Skills

Reading Comprehension and Drum Circles

Summer Reading List: Camping, Hiking, Fishing

For Learning, Exploration, and Discovery ….l

Teachers as Authors on Big Universe

My First Impressions of Big Universe

What is Literacy?

expression of ideas time

How can Big Universe Enhance the Common Core State Standard Shift?

Do you have any ideas for connecting Reading and Writing?

This Week's Featured Publisher: Andersen Press

Google Doodles Genetics’ Gregor Mendel

What should you be doing while you are reading?

Out to change the world?

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