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Pupils-In-Class-Using-Digital-Tablet-With-Teacher-1024x682.jpgTeachers are busy people, but at the same time we are lifelong learners. (That’s why you are reading this blog right now!) We know there are great apps out there that we should be using in our classroom, but we don’t always have time to find them ourselves. That’s exactly what the internet and blogs like this are for.

Here is a list of five apps that you should know about and use with your students:

Too Noisy  – This is an app geared for the general elementary classroom. It is especially useful if you have a large monitor somewhere in your classroom that the students can see. It monitors the noise level in the classroom with an animated smiley face and noise meter. The app has many customizable features, including the ability to adjust the noise tolerance level for each stage of the app. It also has a built-in reward system that can be used to celebrate classes that go long periods of time without being too noisy.

Cost and Availability: Too Noisy Lite is available online for free. Too Noisy Pro is available in the App Store as well as Google Play for $3.99. (This would be an app only the teacher would need to purchase.)

Educreations – This is an interactive whiteboard and screencasting tool that allows you to create short tutorial or instructional videos. These can be used to guide learning in a personalized-learning environment, create a flipped classroom, or enhance student learning. These can also be used to allow students (and parents) to review concepts that were taught in class. The students can also use the app to create videos demonstrating their own learning.

Cost and Availability: Tiered pricing plans are available. There is a free version as well. It is available in the App Store.

Big Universe Reader  – This is an app that allows your students to access and read their Big Universe titles on their ipad. It also allows students to download their books so they are available for them offline.

Cost and Availability: Available for free from the App Store

Write About This – Are you tired of hearing your students say, “I don’t know what to write about?” This app is designed to make writing fun for students. It kickstarts students’ writing by providing a variety of images and writing prompts. It is geared toward elementary students and allows for prompts to be leveled to allow for more personalized instruction. The students can write and save within the app itself, or they can use the app to start a writing piece using a more traditional method such as paper and pen or computer.

Cost and Availability: Available for free or $3.99 for more features. (This app also provides a 50% discount through Apple’s Volume Purchase Program if you want every student to have their own copy.) It is available in the App Store.

Green Screen by Do Ink – This app makes it easy to create your own classroom videos using a green screen. Students can create a video and then use this app to create a background for the video. The background could be an image or another video. This could be used for things like book reports, project finals, musical performances, poetry readings, or anything else you want to have students videotape.

Cost and Availability: Available for $2.99 in the App Store.

What about you? Are you currently using an app that you think should have made this list? Tell us about it in the Comments section below.

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