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Effective Literacy Centers In Primary Grades

Effective Literacy Centers In Primary Grades

We are quickly approaching “back to school” time. I have already begun setting up my classroom and preparing materials for my sweet new first graders. Getting myself organized in advance is extremely beneficial as the first few work days are packed with meetings and professional development. Take time now to…

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Integrate Writing In Social Studies

Integrate Writing in Social Studies

Writing in the social studies classroom is often misunderstood. You may think of writing in history as answering short answer questions or writing a research paper. Integrating writing during your social studies lessons should come naturally and used as a way to assess content knowledge. Here are a few suggestions…

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Content Literacy In Science

Content Literacy in Science

When it comes to literacy,we often think of Language Arts but reading material is all around us. Last week I began discussing content literacy with a focus in math. There are many ways to infuse literacy in all subject areas to help imbed reading education throughout your daily lessons. One…

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Content Literacy In Math

Content Literacy in Math

As educators, we are aware of the importance of proper literacy skills our students need to acquire within their time spent in our classrooms. Teachers across the entire curriculum spectrum realize that they are responsible for producing learners who possess the literacy skills needed for the 21st Century. Literacy is…

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The Secret of Working with Children

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Years ago I graduated from high school, eager to enter college to pursue a career in education. My mother handed me a scrapbook she had been diligently putting together as a gift. In the book, I turned to a page which included a small paper I wrote in second grade. The paper stated, “When I grow up I want to be a Teacher. I love school and my teacher. I want to be just like her.” That mindset fluctuated some throughout my school years but the yearn for becoming a teacher was ingrained inside me. My many experiences working with children of all ages and a variety of demographics has helped mold my teaching style. A teacher holds many hats. Teachers are educators, counselors, actors, comedians, etc. I think about that wonderful second grade teacher from time to time and the type of teacher I aspire to be.

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