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Engagement is all about Relationships

nrm3.jpgLast week we discussed my top 3 ways to engage students.  Today, I want to focus one more strategy: Relationships.
Most students won’t remember every math and reading lesson this year. I’m sorry to break the news to you. Students will remember how they felt about their teacher.  Yes, the relationship with their teacher is what matters. As you spend the final hours of the school year with your students, I hope that you will remember this and keep things in perspective.  YOU are what engages students! That relationship is what allows you to teach any type lessons.
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Student Engagement Part I

12 20 photo collage.pngAre your students engaged or just entertained?  Wait, there’s a difference? Yes! Engagement is active learning where as entertainment is a passive activity.  With the end of the year weeks away, how can you eek out any sort of learning let alone engagement? There are many ideas educators can use to engage students. Today, I will focus on my top three ways to increase engagement anytime of year (especially at the end of the school year).

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National Limerick Day

Expressions-19.jpgWho doesn’t love a good laugh? National Limerick is the perfect way to celebrate reading and writing in May. National Limerick Day is celebrated on May 12th. Here are some fun ideas to incorporate in your classroom as well as some discussions questions for you and your students.

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Summer Slide

iStock_000005034618XSmall.jpgWe are in the home stretch! As we round the corner of the last few months of school, are your eyes set on summer vacation?  Let us remember not all students look forward to summer. For many is not always an enjoyable time for them. Most low income students do not have the resources available to explore things beyond their own neighborhood. Many may not have books in their homes or an internet connection.  “Summer Slide” affects this population the most. This post will discuss the basics of summer slide and what can be done to prevent it from happening.

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Poem in your Pocket Day

writing-1149962_1920.jpgA New York City celebration is now nationwide! This event coincides with National Poetry month. Many people across American have started celebrating April 27th as “Poem in your Pocket Day”. Basically, you have a favorite poem on a slip of paper in your pocket to give away at a moments notice. Here my top ten ideas that require little planning to help you be prepared for this fun day.

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