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Three Simple Ways To Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month In Your Classroom

Three Simple Ways to Celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month in Your Classroom

Now underway, National Hispanic Heritage Month seeks to highlight the contributions that Hispanic and Latinx communities make to our country and have made over the centuries to the formation of this nation.  From mid-September to mid-October, many activities occur nationwide to commemorate the event.  Check out our recommendations for ways of celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month with your students.

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The 3 C’s To Creativity: Celebrating Keep Kids Creative Week

The 3 C’s to Creativity: Celebrating Keep Kids Creative Week

Looking for ways to engage children, spark their imagination, and rid them of boredom?  A great way to do this is to celebrate Keep Kids Creative Week, a national initiative seeking to put the spark back into a child’s imagination.  Held on the last week of September of each year, founder Bruce Van Patter–an author and illustrator himself–wanted to give kids the support they need to be just that–kids.  Using the imagination to create new ideas or solve problems is paramount to being prepared for the 21st century, so check out some ways you can integrate creativity in your school day with your students.

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Never Forget: September 11th In The Classroom

Never Forget: September 11th in the Classroom

9-11 Memorial in New York City

Do you remember what happened at 8:46 AM New York Time on September 11, 2011?  It’s one I’ll never forget.  I was in high school at the time in a career exploration class (wearing a New York skyline shirt) and our teacher turned on the television to show us what was happening.  It was both shocking and surreal.  Many emotions ran through my mind as we stopped the lesson and began focusing on what the events surrounding that day really meant for our lives and for those behind us.  Fast forward several years and we are still living with the consequences that resulted from the events in New York, at the Pentagon, and on United Flight 93.  Many of the youth in our schools were either too young to remember or not even born yet, so how do we teach about such a tragic event in our nation’s history?  Here’s three ideas you can try during this week:

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More Than A Day Off: 3 Ways To Kick Off Labor Day In Your Classroom

More Than A Day Off: 3 Ways to Kick Off Labor Day in Your Classroom

When most think of Labor Day, the thoughts of summer’s ending, that last dip in the pools before they close, parades, barbecues, and relaxing often comes to mind.  These are great ways to celebrate the holiday because it was designed for workers to enjoy time off work as well as remember the history of and the ongoing fight for workers’ rights.  Check out these tips below to find ways of celebrating Labor Day in your class so students will know it’s more than a day.

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Back To School: Making The Most Of School To Home Connections

Back to School: Making the Most of School to Home Connections

Note: This is the second article in a three-part series on preparing for back to school. Last week, we discussed the 3-step to-do list for teachers to follow and next week, we’ll talk about creating a healthy classroom community.


Last week’s column was about getting yourself organized for the school year.  Now, let’s focus on tips to remember when building school-home connections, which I’ll represent by using the STAR acronym.  These relationships are critical to ensuring a child’s success each academic year, and no matter the context or barriers faced by the families or teachers themselves, all involved generally want the student to improve academically and personally.  This is especially great for new teachers to remember as they’re trying to establish themselves professionally, but seasoned teachers can also benefit from remembering or sharing these four simple tips.

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Back To School: The Shortest To Do List For Teachers Starting School

Back to School: The Shortest To Do List for Teachers Starting School

Note: This is the first article in a three-part series on preparing for back to school.  Upcoming topics include building school – home connections and creating a healthy classroom community.

Is summer in your rear view window?  Well, whether you have a few days or weeks left in summer, preparing for the upcoming school year can be both exciting and daunting.  It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the school–or profession, changing grade levels, or a seasoned pro with decades in the game, this three-step “POP” method surely seeks to keep it simple so you can maximize those hours before the school bell rings.

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National Friendship Day: 3 Books On Friendship

National Friendship Day: 3 Books on Friendship

 What’s exactly National Friendship Day?  Through a congressional proclamation in 1935, the first Sunday in August celebrates the value that friends have in our lives.  Friends share in joys, sorrows, and encourage or check you whenever you need them.  They share snacks in the cafeteria, invite you to birthday parties, room with you in college, or take part in special ceremonies like weddings and graduations.  Time, distance, and life circumstances don’t change the impact true friends have on your life, and developing a friend-building culture in the classroom is a starting force that makes all of these things possible.  Whether you’re back in the swing of things or are prepping for those first few days of school, here’s come friendship-related books to share with your children in the classroom or at home.

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Before You Panic: 5 Steps Before You Seek Help For Your Child At School

Before You Panic: 5 Steps Before You Seek Help For Your Child At School

A frustrated, upset child, or child with learning difficulties.

Do you have a child struggling in school, work, or social situations?  Parents–myself included—often worry about what to do, where to go, and who to listen to for sound advice.  From my experience as a teacher and as a mom, it can be frustrating when you’re in that limbo period.  I’m going to share with you some tips to help you be prepared for making that decision if it’s ever needed.

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