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10 Amazing Ways to Use Big Universe


Get ideas from other educators for using Big Universe. Read success stories.

  1. Increase Reading and Support Teaching with 10,000+ eBooks
    Students can read like crazy at school, at home or just about anywhere by finding books that appeal to them. Teachers can quickly locate topic specific content for every subject.
  2. Integrate Literacy Across the Curriculum 
    Find authentic texts for every subject and genre to support and enhance your lessons. Stunning photos and illustrations are perfect for display on electronic whiteboards.
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7 Strategies for Teaching Close Reading

 iStock_000006627042XSmall.jpgIf we untangle the term “Close Reading” from the unfamiliar title and the tie-in with the contentious Common Core Standards, we see that the strategies are not new and also are very useful, even essential, to critical thinking and learning. 

Here are 7 helpful strategies to use across the curriculum:

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