Writing to go along with books!

Posted by Big Universe on Aug 11, 2011 8:29:02 AM

Balanced Literacy involves students writing about what they are reading. Here are a few ideas for writing projects to go along with reading:

  • I challenge you to write an invitation to an event for a character in a book you have read (there are lots of great book here on Big Universe Learning to choose from). The event may be anything you choose, but it should have something to do with the character and the plot of the story. Remember to include the necessary information: type of event, name of person for whom the event is being held, time, date, place, and an RSVP line with a name and an imaginary phone number for guests to respond.
  • Think about a story or novel you have read that features a memorable character. Now write a letter of recommendation for that character, suggesting him or her for a particular job that you think is suitable. Remember to use proper business letter format.
  • Think about a book you enjoyed reading. Write a letter from one character to another. Then write a reply from the second character to the first.



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