Cross Curricular Front Loading with Big Universe

Posted by Big Universe on Aug 21, 2011 8:27:32 AM

Prior to starting a Social Studies unit, I often look for titles on Big Universe that help to create a cross curricular connections. By assigning these titles to students prior to the start of the unit, they are able to activate their prior knowledge and become familiar with the vocabulary and concepts related to the unit. This type of Front Loading can be done independently or in small reading groups, and can be a great way to preview the content with your students. I have discovered that once the unit begins, the discussions are more meaningful and rich with details since the students have already had a chance to read information related to the topic. My students have access to these titles during Reader’s Workshop at school, but can also view them at home when completing their Reading Log.

The following titles can be assigned to your students for the various topics listed below:


Maps Are Flat, Globes Are Round

Counting the Continents

North, South, East And West

Keys and Symbols on Maps


What is a Constitution?

What Are Your Basic Rights?

What Are The Parts of Government?

What Are Citizens’ Basic Rights?

How Do We Elect Our Leaders?

The Mayor’s Office

The Police Station

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights

Why Are Elections Important?

Who Leads Our Country?

The United States Capitol

United States Monuments/ Symbols

The American Flag

The Bald Eagle

The White House

World War I Memorial

USS Arizona Memorial

Vietnam War Memorial

Korean War Memorial

Mount Rushmore

The Statue of Liberty


The Bank

Our Economy In Action

How Coins and Bills Are Made

Money Through the Ages

USING MONEY at the Lemonade Stand

Around the World with Money

Past and Present

Postal Workers Then and Now

Teachers Then and Now

Farmers Then and Now

Nurses Then and Now

Doctors Then and Now

Sanitation Workers Then and Now

Community Leaders Then and Now

Government Leaders Then and Now

Store Clerks Then and Now

Assigning titles to your class is easy! Once you find the title that you would like to assign, simply click the words “Assign Book.” Then, you can choose to assign the title to the whole class, or only a select group of students. The book will then show up on the “Assigned” tab on each student's individual Big Universe Account.



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