Powerful Book Talk Tip! Powerful Book Talk Tip!

Posted by Big Universe on Aug 21, 2011 2:33:48 PM

Advertisements are constantly bombarding us from several directions-internet, TV, billboards, radio, magazines, etc. The persuasive techniques used in these advertisements “hook us”. These real-life scenario techniques can easily be taught to students for creating powerful book talks that “hook students”!

Common persuasive techniques used in powerful advertisements include:

bandwagon (You are urged to do or believe something because everyone else does.)

emotional appeal (You are deeply emotionally drawn to the words or images.)

repeated words (You hear words or phrases repeated that "stick in your head".)

celebrity testimonial (You remember the celebrity product and sales pitch more compared to a common person.)

humor (You pay close attention to the sales pitch.)

The chart below highlights an example of persuasive techniques used for creating a powerful book talk:

Book Title

Persuasive Technique

1 minute student book talk

A Call for a New Alphabet


Repeated Words

“Celebrity” testimonial

Emotional appeal

Student: "I'M EXASPERATED, EXASPERATED, EXASPERATED! Hi, I'm X from the book A Call for a New Alphabet. I am exasperated because every other letter in the alphabet besides me has so much to do and plays more important roles in making words. I expect more! I want us all to vote NOW for creating a new alphabet that is fair and equal! Find out more about our voting day by reading A Call for a New Alphabet located online at www.biguniverse.com. Hurry now, our alphabet might not last for long!"

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