Poems from Pictures

Posted by Big Universe on Aug 30, 2011 10:20:39 PM

I finally had an opportunity to play around with the WRITE feature of Big Universe and got hooked. (It was a good thing that I had dinner in the oven and the timer went off, or else I may have been stuck in the writing universe for a very long time!) In the time I had on the site I was able to create a couple interesting pages as I learned the ropes of how to easily insert backgrounds, images and text.

As I was working, stories were arising from the page and into my mind. I noticed that as I picked out backgrounds and characters, I was implying setting and events. As unrelated as the images my have seemed at first, I started to make them work.

When it was time to try out the text feature, I was at first at a loss of what to do. I had no plan for a story book. Then, I decided to go with poetry - a form of writing that can tell a quick story or describe a scene. My book, titled “Poems from Pictures” has become just that: a collection of poems inspired by the interesting illustrations I have created.

This poetry book is a work in progress, but I will look forward to sharing it with my students as we begin to explore the writing section of Big Universe. I can already see the focused group of students, busy clicking and smirking as they work compiling images and writing poetry.


Topics: Personal Experiences, Integration Ideas, Writing

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