Patience Is My Middle Name!

Posted by Big Universe on Sep 11, 2011 6:23:02 AM

When it comes to using technology in a classroom, the largest fear that any teacher will have revolves around the technology not working when you need it most! There are times in an educator’s career when they would like to change their name, simply because they have heard it too much. For me, I most often want to change my name when I hear a classroom full of students calling my name when the technology won’t work! It is at this moment when I exclaim,

“Patience is my middle name! What’s yours?”

During the recent week, I instructed my students to log-on to the computers, and then log-on to their Big Universe Learning accounts. Once we got through the initial task of learning and remembering our usernames and passwords, many students began to dive right into the site. For some, this was not a new task, and they took to finding books to add to their bookshelf, as well as finding their classmates and adding them as friends. There were even opportunities for cooperative learning tasks and leadership opportunities when students began to help other students troubleshoot.

After initial trials, there were a few students who were unable to access their homepage on their unique Big Universe Learning account. After checking into their account to determine if the information was correct, we began to analyze the situation and look for solutions. With no luck on my own, I contacted Big Universe Customer Service through the “contact us” link on Not to my surprise (It’s a great company!), a representative from the company contacted me immediately and inquired about the situation. Soon after that, they had the situation resolved and my students gained access again.

I am one of those people who have a love/hate relationship with companies simply due to their customer service department. When I need help, I tend to need it right away! (Especially when I have a classroom full of kids looking at me for instant help!) The Customer Service Department through Big Universe Learning is just another reason why I LOVE to use this product in my classroom! The individual attend and support I received last week meant the world to me. I appreciate the thoughtfulness and promptness when dealing with my issues, and value the relationship I have built with this company. When working with Big Universe, I tend to feel as though I’m their only customer, and I’m sure others will feel the same way too!

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