Extreme Sports Books for the Reluctant Reader

Posted by Big Universe on Sep 21, 2011 1:23:35 AM

When it comes to getting a reluctant reader to pick up a book on his or her own, it’s important to offer high-interest options. For the kid raised on Xbox and adrenaline, the more sedate topics are sure to have his eyes rolling in his head quicker than you can shake a joy stick at him.

That’s why I love the Rourke Publishing sports series offered on Big Universe. The books are culturally relevant texts packed with action, great photography and vivid supportive text. Paintball, off-road racing and kite-boarding are just a few of the topics for the adventure-loving spirits in your classrooms.

We “old dogs” need to learn some new tricks if we want to relate to this generation's hard-to-reach readers. While “White Fang” and “Robinson Crusoe” were some of my favorite adventure books growing up, I just don’t think they cut it for many of today’s youngsters. (…Well, at least until they are firmly established readers.)

Combine the titles below with the chance to get on the computer, and you’ll have a classroom of happy kids who love independent reading. If you learn some extreme sport lingo, you just might be considered the “bomb diggity” too! (Dude, my teacher is the bomb diggity.)

Books about Extreme Sports on Big Universe

* Other reticent readers might enjoy the collection of illustrated graphic novels and biographies on Big Universe or be motivated by other classmates' reading choices. Blogger Kate Baker discusses the implementation of Big Universe’s friend database feature, a catalyst for positive peer-influenced reading motivation. Read her blog titled “He’s Just Not That Into…the Book.”

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