Fiction or Nonfiction ... Which do you prefer?

Posted by Big Universe on Sep 22, 2011 9:17:43 AM

So I will admit that when I was a classroom teacher, I tended to choose fiction books for class read alouds because I enjoy reading that genre more than nonfiction. When students would ask for reading suggestions, most of the time I named authors who wrote mostly fiction books (those were the authors I enjoyed reading). I saw some of my students gravitate more towards the nonfiction area in my classroom library. I started asking questions to help me understand more. Some students told me that they enjoyed finding our more about "real" things and how things worked. For some students it was easier for them to make connections to the information presented in nonfiction books. I quickly came to realize that just because I enjoyed certain things as a reader, I should not try to force those preferences on anyone else.

Recently I have been finding great information about nonfiction books and students:

Here is a great webquest about to help students discover the differences between fiction and nonfiction:

Here are some publishers on Big Universe that have nice collections of nonfiction books:

Big Universe Learning has a large selection of nonfiction. You can do an advanced search and click on nonfiction to see the wide variety of options.



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