17 Strategies to Help a Struggling Reader

Posted by Big Universe on Sep 25, 2011 12:37:45 PM

Many students struggle to read fluently. Fortunately, we can give prompts to readers that will provide them with opportunities to learn various reading strategies and tools for successful reading. The prompts below have helped my struggling students get back on track towards reading achievement!

Support Students to Self-correct

“You are almost right. Try again.”

“Something wasn’t quite right.”

“You made a mistake. Can you find it?”

“Point and slide through the whole word.”


Support Students to Search

“Use the picture to help you.”

“What letter would you see at the beginning?”

“Does that look right?”

“Does that sound right?”

“Does that make sense?”


Support Students to Cross-check

“Look for parts you know.”

“Check that. Does it look right and sound right?"

“Try that again and think about what would make sense instead.”

“Get your mouth ready to say the sound of the ___ letter.”


Support Students to Self-monitor

“You said _____, but does it make sense?" or "...does it sound right?” or "...does it look right?”

“Were you right? How do you know?”

“Try that again.”

“It could be____, but look at ______.”

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