Did you know there is a National Day on Writing?

Posted by Big Universe on Oct 10, 2011 1:56:03 PM

And What shall I WriteThe National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) is celebrating the National Day on Writing on October 20th. According to their site, the first National Day of Writing was held October 20, 2009 and since then more than 30,000 pieces of writing, including poems, videos, essays, letters, audio recordings, blog entries, artwork, email and text messages, and short stories, have been submitted.

Why celebrate writing?

  1. People in every walk of life, in every kind of work, and at every age write more than ever before for personal, professional, and civic purposes.
  2. They write through text messages and IMs, they use video cameras and cell phones, and, yes, even traditional pen and paper
  3. The social nature of writing invites people in every walk of life, in every kind of work, and at every age to make meaning through composing.
How can Big Universe help you celebrate National Day on Writing?
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If you would like to celebrate writing on the official National Day on Writing (or any other day), here are some good resources:

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