What to do with all the letters?

Posted by Big Universe on Oct 18, 2011 3:08:02 AM

So your students know the alphabet song ... A B C D E F G ...

They are starting to know the sounds of some of the letters ... A is for A...A...A..Apple

What are some other ways to get them interested in the alphabet .... which is the building blocks for both reading and writing (the basis of balanced literacy)?

There are some very interesting (not at all boring) alphabet books available on Big Universe:

A mixed-up alphabet creates merry mayhem.

Did you ever try to use an egg in place of a football? Or dress up a live quail in doll’s clothes when you didn’t have a doll? Or strap rag-dolls onto your feet in place of slippers? In Alphabetter, twenty-six boys and girls find themselves in twenty-six different predicaments when the alphabet refuses to cooperate with them. In the end, the solution turns out to be right on the next page, if only they can find it …

Get ready for an alphabet revolution!

X is exasperated. Every other letter in the alphabet has so much to do and plays such important roles in making words. X expects more. He calls for a vote on a new alphabet (gasp!). According to the Alphabet Constitution, X has every right to question the status quo. But the night before the vote, X is plagued by dreams of what could happen if he were to take on another letter’s job.
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