Rockin' Out With YouTube!

Posted by Big Universe on Jan 26, 2012 12:30:56 PM

Ever wonder why students seem to remember rules, operations, or facts when put to a catchy tune? Have you ever wanted to create or find a song for that concept that just seemed to be too difficult for some to remember or learn? After becoming quite frustrated that some of my students in my word study group were not catching onto the "vowel consonant-e" pattern, I began to think of a way in which I could get it to "stick."

A colleague of mine recently found many songs on YouTube that related to various concepts, including word study. In previous blog posts, I have commented on using YouTube for science or social studies, but also wanted to make readers aware of the songs teachers can use during Language Arts.

As always, it is best practice to view the complete video before showing them to students. It is also best practice to monitor the advertisements and commercials that tend to come with some of the videos on the site.

Word Study Videos:

The Electric Company: Veronica Jackson's "Bossy R"

Super "e"!!!! (hip children's song by Mark D. Pencil)

Vowels Save the Day

Short Vowel Song

Song About Contractions: A Contraction has an Apostrophe by Miss Jenny

Contraction Rap 1st Grade

Teaching By Magic- Homophones

Song About Compound Words: Compound Word Whiz With Miss Jenny

Prefixes and Suffixes

Eight Parts of Speech!

Parts of Speech Music Video


It was amazing how many different videos were on YouTube related to these various concepts! The visual and audio aspect of learning is captured during these types of learning experiences, and can really impact a particular child's understanding. When all else has failed and you are about to pull your hair out (haha!) just remember to think outside of the box, or use modern technology to help you out! It is amazing what our kids remember and connect to in this generation...good luck and rock on!






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