Spring Break Reading Plans

Posted by Big Universe on Mar 1, 2012 2:26:11 PM

In most cases, spring break is a week (or sometimes shorter) of relaxation and family time. It can however, still contain reading practical and real life reading opportunities for students and adults alike. How many times have you see adults with a book or magazine while lounging on the beach? Or, perhaps witnessed someone reading while on an airplane? Yet, reading opportunities even exist if a family is not traveling away from their home. Spring break can offer opportunities for students to see adults practicing the enjoyment of reading.

I will be encouraging my students to read during spring break by asking them to consider the reading material they might explore and the various times and opportunities that might exist during their break. In order to do this, my students will discuss and consider the following questions:

1. What type of reading material have you seen others reading while on spring break or a vacation? (books, magazines, e-readers, etc.)

2. Is there any reading material, other than books, that you would be interested in reading during your break?

3. Where (place) could you read while on spring break? Staying in a hotel? Trips to the local library/ book store?

4. When could you read during your spring break? Traveling time? Early morning? Before bed? On the beach? By the pool?

5. Who will be reading with you during spring break? How could you make this reading experience special?

6. How could you make reading enjoyable during spring break?

It is important that students make the connection to reading both during the school day, and during those breaks from school. Not only should teachers promote reading behaviors during the school year, but should also promote a life long love of learning. Spring break is the perfect opportunity to take the "stress" out of learning to read or reaching a reading level, and replace it with the idea that reading can be done for enjoyment. Encourage parents to partake in this type of reading lifestyle during spring break as well, and communicate your goals for promoting a love of reading. This is a great opportunity to provide parents with suggestions on how to support this type of learning at home.

I hope everyone finds a great piece of literature to pick up during spring break and read for enjoyment! Happy Reading!


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