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Posted by Big Universe on Mar 14, 2012 12:20:28 PM

When searching for great stories to share with your students, make sure music is in your list of resources. So many songs can tell a great story! And this is a great way to integrate Music in Our Schools Month with Literacy month all March.

There are some songs that not only capture our interest, feed our emotions and get us motivated, some have all the makings of a well told story. This week, I want to share a playlist with you that you can use with your students to teach some of these things. For example, these songs have a beginning, middle and end. Their beginnings draw you in by setting a scene, introducing a character and/or grabbing your attention. They then go on to develop the story by giving details and showing a sequence of events. The listeners need to visualize the actions and draw inferences. This is real literary practice!


Songs that Tell Stories by Elizabeth Peterson on Grooveshark

I do this type of work with my students all the time and it always amazes me to see how many students love the activities of using their reading strategies with listening to music. It also allows me to see some struggling readers shine. Without the words to get in the way, I can tell that they are capable of visualization and drawing conclusions.

When I ask students to listen to music, we listen to one song multiple times. Just as you get more out of a story if you read it more than once, the same is true with music. And listening repetitively to music reinforces the importance of reading texts again and again. When you give students the opportunity to do it with music, they grasp that concept more readily.

For more on how to bring listening experiences into the classroom, go HERE.

Enjoy the playlist and happy listening! I hope you are able to share these songs and stories with your students.


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