Sticky Notes for Comprehension?

Posted by Big Universe on Mar 16, 2012 12:36:55 PM

I will admit it ...

I am a BIG fan of sticky notes ... any color, any size, any shape ...

So when I came across this poster about ways sticky notes can be used when reading, I was very excited.

Reading teachers often talk about the importance of activities before, during, and after reading to aid in comprehension. I can see these sticky note ideas as something for students to use during reading and then discuss and/or reflect on after reading. The ideas in this poster could be used to create bookmarks for students.

With a book that students can hold in their hands, the sticky notes can be stuck to the page in the book to which it applies .... although it may fall out. Did you notice at the bottom of the poster, there is a message about also including the book page number on each note? That message also mentions adding the sticky notes to a Reader's Notebook when the reader finishes the book.

When reading a book on Big Universe Learning, it would be difficult to stick the sticky note to the page which it applies. However, writing notes on small pieces of paper (sticky notes) while you are reading the story online may not be as intimidating for readers. Struggling readers could feel comfortable taking more notes on small notes rather than on a big piece of notebook paper. After the book is done, the sticky notes can be organized and categorized according to the individual student.

So do you have any sticky notes and/or other ideas on ways they can be used to help in reading?

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