Have you made an inference today?

Posted by Big Universe on Mar 21, 2012 7:54:08 AM

Have you made an inference today?

Did you look outside to see if you needed to bring an umbrella with you today?

Did you go talk to someone or avoid talking to someone based on how you thought their day was going?

What prompted you to select the last book that you read? The cover? The title? The author? The size?

We make inferences all the time .... and most of the time don't even realize we are making them.

As I was looking through the gallery to choose a new book to read on Big Universe Learning, I saw an a book cover that caught my attention. Based on the image, I thought it would be a fun book to read ...

But there was a problem ...

I am unable to read the language in which the book is written ... Czech.

So I am going to use my imagination, creativity, and inference skills to create a story to go along with the images in the story.

I may create a new story for each page or figure out a way to construct a plot line to bring together all the pages ... I am just going to have to see what happens.


I have a challenge for you ...

I want you to find a book and create a story (or several stories) based on the inferences you make from the illustrations ....

(hint: it might be better for you to pick a book in another language so that you won't be influenced by the author's original story)

After you are doing constructing your own story, I would also encourage you to find a way to translate the original story ( a person who speaks that language or even a translating website ... that is what I am going to do) .... that would make a neat comparison ...

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