Alphabet Favorites?

Posted by Big Universe on Mar 29, 2012 8:28:02 AM

Do you have a favorite letter of the alphabet?

Do lots of things in your life begin with the same letter?

Do you ever play a game where you try to think of things that go with each letter of the alphabet?


Here are my answers to the questions above:

1. M is my favorite letter (the answer to number 2 explains why)

2. Lots of things in my life start with the letter M: My name, my daughter's name, my mom's name, my dad's name, my brother-in-law's name, the name of the college I attended, the city where my daughter was born, my dad's job, the name of the street we lived on when I was growing up, my cousin's name, my two second-cousins' names (and the list goes on ... but you get the point)

3. We have played a game like that in the car at times. When I was in the classroom, I would have my students come up with words to match each letter of the alphabet that related to the book we just read or the topic we just studied as a culminating activity.


Earlier this week, I saw several blog posts where people were creating the "ABC's of Me" lists (a sentence or descriptive phrase to describe them using each letter of the alphabet).

I started thinking about ways we could apply that to reading ....

I wonder if here on Big Universe Learning (or in your local, school, class, or personal library) we could find a book title to go along with each letter of the alphabet ...

We could create a list of books we want to read ...

We could brainstorm to create a list of book character names to match each letter ...

We could find interesting words in a certain book to match alphabet letters ...

We could list things we learn from reading a book on a certain topic ...

Do you have any ideas for other things we could do connecting reading and the letters of the alphabet?


Here is the start of a Big Universe Learning book title list:

A All Around Me, I See

B Big and Little

C Counting at the Market

D Dorothy and the Glasses

E Edgar, Allan, and Poe, and the Tell-Tale Beets

F First Day Jitters

G Grandma's Feather Bed

H How Water Changes

I I Don't Want to Go

J Jet Fighters

K Keys and Symbols on Maps

L Little Ruth Reddingford and the Wolf

M Mrs. Murphy's Marvelous Mansion

N Nana Star

O Opposites: Big and Little

P Police Officers Then and Now


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