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Posted by Big Universe on May 12, 2012 11:44:22 PM

Bullying seems to be a hot topic in schools today, both online and offline.

I found a book on Big Universe Learning that could be a good way to approach the topic with students in elementary school: Not So Tall for Six.

I think younger students would be able to relate to the obstacles Kylie Bell faces in the stories while older students would be able to relate to the funny animal metaphors included in the story. Those metaphors are only made better by the playful illustrations that accompany them on the pages.

Here are things I found about this book from other sites:

From Jen Robinson's Book Page: Not So Tall for Six was written by 2006 Cybils nonfiction picture book winning author Dianna Hutts Aston, and illustrated by Frank W. Dormer. I was interested in this book, about a very small six-year-old girl, because I'm "not so tall" myself. I must admit that it took me a second read-through to appreciate this quirky picture book, but on that second reading, I was won over.

From Bullying Size isn’t everything but size really can make a difference when it comes to bullying. Kylie Bell isn’t exactly tall. Even though she’s probably the smallest person in grade one, she doesn’t let her size get to her. She may be small is stature but she’s big in heart. The classroom bully, Rusty Jacks gives her a hard time about it though. Coming from a small family, Kylie Bell simply remembers the family motto: “Brave and smart and big at heart”. Rusty Jacks has no friends and when it comes time to read in circles, he has no one to sit with. What should Kylie Bell do?

After volunteering to have Rusty Jacks sit in her group, everyone is shocked at little Kylie Bells actions. What shocks them even more is what Rusty Jacks does after class.

I encourage you to read this book and see what ideas come to mind for ways you can use it with children.


(My daughter turns six at the end of the end of the week, so the title of this book is what first caught my attention!)

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